Today’s Workout – if you are going to make omelettes, you will need to break some eggs!

Hi Bloggers,

Well I don’t think I could come up with a more insensitive blog title for what I am going through in life right now, so I’m focussed on being extra sensitive and kind hearted. Please, don’t be reading too much into the title. I made an omelette, and I literally broke a couple of eggs. This is in no way analogous for any situation, persons, or circumstances in my life at this time or in reference for past events or future reference. Phew, glad to get that out there, I get feedback from my blogs, and its not always good!

Alrighty then. This morning I went over to the Blairmore gym for a workout. It was good. The crowd there is very relaxed at about 8 am on a Saturday. The people there are just regular gym goers. Very normal people really (perhaps, except for me!!??).

So this morning’s workout was all about the biceps and triceps. Here’s what was in it:

Bicep curls on preacher bench.  3 sets of 10 reps, using a 40 then 45 then 50 lbs dumbbell.

Bicep concentration curls. Same weight.

Bicep curls on incline bench.

Tricep extension on bench.

Tricep cable curls.

On the way home, I was thinking about omelette. I got home and I cooked up a frying pan of bacon, onion, mushroom and eggs.

Later, my son was up and I helped him make pancakes.

I’m not one of those people who post what they cook. I just don’t do that. Ever. Except today.


It was just awesome.

Today’s workout – it’s Friday, and I’m pulling my lycra hot shorts on – Awesome!

Hi Bloggers,

If you’re me,  nothing celebrates a Friday afternoon like pulling on my lycra hot shorts and hitting the gym! I regret to say that life has kind of got in the way of my workout routine lately. I can’t say exactly why. I’m starting work really, really, early in the mornings these days, and where I used to go in the morning before work I now need to find time in the evenings. Due to my extra early starts at work, often I need a nap in the evening, and sometimes, I don’t get back into “I wanna work out” mode.

I have been reading a book lately, it’s called the Book of Awesome. You might have heard of it. In a strange way, the universe spoke to me loud and clear, and I ended up with the book, in my hot little hand.

Work out 28 Jul 2017
If you want to keep a bod like this, get off your arse and into the gym! 


Here’s how that happened: I went to a charity pancake breakfast, where I was flipping sausages. I got talking to a guy there and he was telling me about the book. He bought a copy for his sister. I got chatting to this other lady there, and we started talking books, and she mentioned The Book of Awesome. At this stage I chuckled at the coincidence. About 24 hours later, I dropped in on a friend. Just as I arrived, I looked down to see The Book of Awesome right fucking there, staring back at me!

When I mentioned all of this to my friend (I was a bit excited and mildly freaked out), it was offered to me, and I gladly took it with me to read it. Turns out that she had picked it up at some book exchange or something. Now that’s Awesome! 

Anyway, the book is a great read. The guy tells a great bunch of little stories: simple things in life that we can celebrate, but he tells it in such a simple and comical way.  I am literally chuckling to myself as I turn each page! True story. Not many books have ever done this for me.

It’s just simple shit like, when you go to the laundry and you have to collect your socks, and you collect one, two, three pairs of socks that match perfectly, straight out of the wash. That never happens. Awesome! Etc, I’m sure you get the idea.

Ok, enough bullshitting, here is my work out for today:

Dumbbell bench press. Warm up with 80 lb dumbbells x 10 reps for one set, then 100 lb dumbbells x 5 reps for 5 sets. We’re not here to fuck around, ok! 

Shoulder lat raises.

Arnold press (alternating dumbbell shoulder press).

Cable cross over chest flyes.

Ab crunch machine.

What did you work out today?


Today’s workout – biceps and triceps…

Preacher curls on bench 40 lbs/45 lbs/ 50 lbs. 3 sets, 10, 10, 8 reps.

Concentration curls, 3 sets, same weight.

Tricep extension leaning on bench. 3 sets, same weight.

Ezy curl bars, 3 sets, 15, 12, 12 reps.

Cable triceps extensions, 3 sets x 10 reps.

Nice workout!

what did you work out today????????????

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