Most Epic Campsite – Ever.

Hey Bloggers, here are some photos from my camping trip last week. We were looking for somewhere to pitch a tent. Wasn’t too fussy – could have been in an open field, a rail siding, or whatever. The main criteria was that it was to be away from anywhere people would come by, and cost nothing.


So we found a spot. Its part of a village museum. Technically not supposed to camp there but, whatever. There was no one else around, except for a farmhouse on the other side of the grid road. We drove for about 20 km up a grid road off a lonely stretch of provincial highway to get to this spot. It was really out of the way.


We debated for a while where the tent should be set up, I wanted tucked in behind the church, we settled on a spot in a kind of depression in the lawn bbq area. It was really nice. We even got a fire going and cooked some dinner.


I got some great photos of the old church and graveyard as the sun was going down and again in the early morning as the sun rose. It was the most epic camping spot, because we took a gamble and broke a few rules! 

“Here comes the sun, little darling…. “
This is the basic travel/camp kit. You really don’t need any more than this, really!


Happy 150th Birthday Canada, doing Moose Jaw in a Man Thong and Hula Skirt….

Hi Bloggers,

Yesterday, Canada turned 150 years old, so it was a big one. I also had a reason to celebrate – I became a Canadian in this year too, back in March.

So, how does a guy  celebrate such an epic milestone that encompasses both the national significance, as well as a great personal development journey that I am currently experiencing? Well, conventional wisdom would suggest that you do something mature, something cultured, perhaps have a dinner party, or enjoy the fireworks display from a multi storey building where there is a cocktail party being held.

Well, that’s not me! Fuck that. The only thing I could think of was to go to the dollar store, and create an outfit made almost entirely of Canada day decorations, or other novelty materials that you can buy there. So the search began.

We went to one cheap outlet in Moose Jaw. They didn’t have much but I did pick up a hat and a Canada towel in the form of a flag. This could be termed a tolag, or a fowel if you prefer. Anyway, that was the start of the ensemble. We got some directions from a lady who told us to go to the Dollar Store. We headed back to our camp and jumped in the car to go find it.

I imagined an outfit made of happy Canada day tape or ribbons, or those flags on a string kind of thing. I ended up with a red hula skirt, a couple of key ring maple leaf/Canada flag things, and a thing you put around your neck to hold them, and a red and a white plastic lay for around my neck. This was topped off with a silly Canada cap that had moose horns coming out of it.


I already had my red man thong in my bag so that was the natural choice for underwear. I was pretty nervous when I got into this thing to realise that the hula skirt was um, not providing too much coverage. More of a teaser really and you could see my arse no trouble at all! I think it was the perfect length too! Kinda short. I felt just a bit slutty. The whole deal was sealed with a few strategically placed Canada type tattoo transfers you get from the store. I was ready to rock-it! How did it feel? Breezy, light, and um, very bare! 


So we drove to the main park where the festivities were happening. There was a band playing and there were lots and lots of people there and I was quite nervous getting out of the car and walking on the foot path up the street to the park. Pretty much as soon as I got out of the car, a few people had already tooted their horns! But this is not the sort of thing you can half-do, so I continued on, feigning an air of confidence.


So there were some reactions! Some people smirked, some laughed, some people just looked in (horror/amazement/unbridled lust?). I  had people fist pump the air and I had people come up and say hi and shake my hand and chat. One lady came up to talk to me with her husband and wanted to see if I had anything underneath my hula skirt. I was able to demonstrate that no equipment was going to be displayed that should not be in such a setting.


We settled in for a bit. We played Frisbee, grooved to a band, and watched the overhead jets make three passes of the park. It was a fun day and certainly outside my normal ‘comfort level’ activity (disclaimer, that’s a pretty wide berth right there, because there is a lot of shit that I would do that others would probably not attempt). 


Generally speaking, it was a bit of fun, and that’s how people reacted, a mix of amusement and general curiosity. But then, that’s what Canada is all about – being free to be yourself.

Happy Canada day!


An old barn in Saskatchewan, a photo essay….

Driving on the highway today, we noticed an old barn in a farmer’s field. The crop is new, and we were able to step between the seedlings of soy to work our way across the field to access the old barn. I was kind of tentative, because this was a farmers field, and I didn’t want to be disrespectful or trespass, but it was an awesome looking structure in the middle of a crop field with no other buildings around it.



I’m not sure what type of architecture or construction you would call this. I’m tempted to think that this might have been built by Hutterites, but that would be flagrant speculation on my part. I estimate that the structure was probably 100 years old or so. It might have been for livestock because the internals had some segregation that was hinting at stalls or something.




Inside was amazing. Looking up into to the internals of the roof structure it was absolutely beautiful. The roof lining had rotted off in many places and the sunlight was filtering through in a very nice display of filtered light. You could really appreciate the craft work that had been put into the construction.





Grain Elevators, Saskatchewan, a photo essay….

Hi Bloggers,

I have been out of town camping for a few days. We have been to some nice locations. The bugs are out in force, and there is a lot of standing water. I have no doubt that Saskatchewan is most likely the mosquito capital of the world. At some spots we have been literally swarmed by the little bastards.

Canwood, Saskatchewan. Never heard of it….

As we are driving around, I am always looking out for these majestic structures that stand proud on the flat prairie that surrounds them. They serve as beacons in the fields. There is some real history here. These old wooden structures have been around a very long time. These days the modern era has ushered in bulk grain storage in concrete silos that are very impressive, but really lack the aesthetic beauty of their predecessors.

Old. Iconic. Prairie sentinels..

They are almost always labelled with the name of the town in big capital letters on the side. These structures are located by a rail line. Depending on the location there may be one, two or more of these elevators in a row, and sometimes you see the different eras being represented in one site, perhaps timber, iron and concrete.



Its hard not to feel a sense of romantic nostalgia with these buildings. It makes me imagine the times the district has seen. Normally, they are located in each town, so there is a lot of them. Before bulk storage and bulk transport and bulk everything else, the local farmer would perhaps transport their grain to these elevators to be railed to the market, where ever that might be. A group of farmers would likely form a co-op and perhaps even fund one of these facilities to service the district.


Some of them are in good condition – especially those lined with sheet galvanized steel, but some of the old timber ones are really starting to deteriorate.


We came by one that just begged to be explored. The town was small and quiet. There was no one around to tell us not to explore. I sided around the building and walked along the rail line to access the back of the elevator. There was a service platform with a rickety old ladder attached to it. I hoisted my weight onto the rotten boards and gingerly crept along the edge. I tried the sliding timber doors, and viola, they opened!

Inside I could make out a room with a number of handles – to control the chutes I suppose. There were side openings and timber chutes etc. Birds had taken over the interior and droppings were everywhere. There was a mildy dusty and musky smell. I continued into the building and was able to walk around inside and even access an upper level via a set of internal stairs. Out of the weather, this old elevator was in really great shape.

Hoey, Saskatchewan. Never heard of it…

We found another one, perhaps a bit more modern, but all the same beautiful. We could see it from the nearby highway and it drew us in, following a turn off and some back roads to get right up close. When we were there we took a bunch of photos and messed around on the rail wagons. Simple, country fun!

Every grain elevator has the province and town name on it. Its as if they do this so maybe if a farmer comes by and snaps out of a daydream saying ‘where the fek am I? Oh, right, good old Saskatchewan’…
No apparent reason for this kind of behaviour!

Changing the channel….

Hi Bloggers,

So I’m changing things up. Its been a fairly interesting time with the changing situation in my domestic life. It’s just not working. I don’t need to get into details or disrespect anyone, I just need to say that my life is changing, and I’m ok with it.

There’s a ton of stuff to work through, but it will all happen in good time. Meanwhile, I am very grateful for the people who have emerged in my life in a challenging time to be there to support me, to listen, and to provide some good feedback.

This week, I’m going camping. A chance to get away from all the stuff that is going on, and to just chill. When I get back, I will be moving to another place to live. Probably a house share deal or something like that. My immediate family will be heading back to Australia in December. I will miss my kids, and I hope things work out well for my wife.

I’ll probably be out of the loop for a week or so, unless I can find a terminal or laptop or something.

And, don’t worry, I feel great!

Image result for waskesiu camping
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Hart Lake, BC. A simply beautiful place….

Hart Lake, BC, is on Hwy 97 between Prince George and McLeod Lake – or south of Chetwynd.

Its simply one of the most beautiful places that I’ve visited. Its in the pine pass – a section of highway that runs right through the Rocky Mountains. Its relatively remote, wild, and gorgeous. The mountains that surround it are absolutely epic.

There is a camp ground there if you want to pitch a tent or bring in a trailer.

It’s kind of tucked away, and in a very windy part of the highway, so its easy to miss. Once I found it, I could hardly go past without stopping in. Its very clear, and its very cold. I have run off the end of the floating dock (naked of course) for a quick dip.

Here’s a link to a map for the geography nuts:,-124.080653,8z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x538f2cc22640cbc7:0xed35d1b99a295e36!8m2!3d54.4679635!4d-122.6512378





This is my daughter, when she was about 3 years old.



100 followers on WP. Sincere thanks.

Its 5.15am in the morning. I need to be getting ready for work. This weekend I reached that milestone of 100 followers.

When I look back on my blog shares, its been quite the journey. Certainly a time of much change and upheaval and as always, personal growth for me. I’ve had fun, damn it!

Thank you, sincerely. In WP I have found a space to be myself. To be me! Whatever that is, I kind of get to make that what it is as I go along. It’s like tending a garden or learning a new instrument or whatever analogy you like.

Des Moines 20
Is this thing loaded???

Here, I can be myself. I can express, whether that’s fitness, sexuality, photography, relationships, sketching, travel experiences, etc.

I am grateful and thankful that 104 other souls have decided to join me on my journey.

So, some feedback please, anything that I should do more of? Anything I should do less of?

Have a great day, peace to all and hugs!

Skinny dipping in the Pacific Ocean – California coastline….

A quick random post from a road trip we did a couple of years ago. We had driven down from Canada, via Iowa to stay with some family friends. From there we headed through Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and California. We went into LA, then travelled up highway 1 all the way to San Fran. We stayed in Sacramento before driving allllll the way to Salt Lake City before returning to Canada.


That was a LOT of driving. I do like a good road trip but that was probably more driving than I really like doing. Never the less, we saw some awesome scenery. One of the real gems of America is the California coast. Once you get up north of Santa Barbara – out of LA, its way more chill. The beaches are beautiful, the coastline is scenic. There are lots of light houses, and museum type things and its a really nice part of the country.


So we stopped at a beach. Completely random. Many of the accessible beaches along the coast look a bit like this one.  Some are lined by cliffs making it hard to access, and some are on private land or there is no road approach. We got out, there was a lookout of sorts. A number of people were taking photos and enjoying the view. A set of stairs led down to the sand. There was hardly anyone on the beach. Now, if you’ve been following my blog posts, you will already know that I’m not shy when it comes to being naked and free, and also that I take just about any opportunity to strip off and have a skinny dip.


So that’s what I did. I walked down to a place near the waters edge, took my clothes off, and jumped in. The water on the California coast is almost always cold, even in summer. I ran into the water, and did a kind of half dive thing under an approaching wave. It was so refreshing. The cold water gave me the sensation of cleaning and the chill soaked into my body immediately. The sensation of swimming naked is wonderful. All of your body is being caressed by the swishing of the water and waves. Its like a nice little massage on everything!