Blossom – the daily prompt

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Blossom, conjures images of spring, flowers, that wonderful feint aroma of delicate fragrances that emanate from the garden. Not like the overpowering assault on the nasal passage that you get when you pass by the perfume counters at department stores, something much more organic, and subtle.

My garden is blossoming. Its wonderful to see the flowers, with their colours and textures, as they bob in the breeze, their stems resisting the tension placed on them by the breeze, oscillating, back and forth, a natural spring and damper system at work, somewhat like a young engineer might study in class, yet immensely more beautiful and powerful than a clinical diagram of a spring and a piston, accompanied by a differential equation in mechanical mathematics.

The insects fly around, intoxicated by the heady aromas, they are in a frenzy of pollen collecting and incidental fertilization of the plants. They are driven, by perhaps millions of years of evolution, instinctively drawn to the sweetness in the flowers. For them, its a about survival. The birds, they too are drawn to these wonders of nature. The bugs provide a tempting game, and the garden provides the ideal environment for their quarry.

A blossom is like a woman’s sex. Layers and folds of wonderful promise. Changing in texture, and shape, and fullness. As the birds and insects are drawn, so is a man to this wonderful creation. The subtle sensations, the taste, the smell, its all just part of natures plan. It’s an intoxicating blend of pheromones and pleasant smells, and the taste, it can be so subtle, delicate, organic, orgasmic!

A person can blossom too, as they grow, their personalities are revealed. Sometimes challenged, sometimes humble, sometimes the aggressor, always evolving with experience. All wonderfully unique.



Create – Daily Prompt


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Create havoc.

Create space.

Create a mess.

Create an album.

Create a masterpiece.

Create a big pile of shit.

CREATE an acronym:

Custard Reloading Engaging Artificial Testosterone Erections

Contagious Religion Enters Absolute Tantric Energy

Cadavers Revived Energy Association Tent Embassy

Create the universe.

Create a myth.

Create dysfunction.

Create tension.

Create conflict.

Create life.

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Controversy – Daily Prompt

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Hmm controversy. That’s controversial.

My blogging is controversial. Its got stuff in there that could cause a controversy. Stuff like pictures and sexual imagery, and maybe some sketches that cover controversial material like relationship dynamics and polyamorous things. It might be too controversial for some. That’s ok, take it or leave it.

I’ll tell you what I steer clear of – politics, that’s too controversial. Good way to divide opinions and polarise people. Just like religion. There’s a good way to start a controversy. I bet there’s tons of blogs back and forth about politics and religion. Not for me. I’ll stick to less controversial shit that is actually more fun.

War – that’s controversial. Especially if you are on the wrong side, or don’t agree with the philosophy as to why the war was being waged. I’m not getting into a controversial debate. Respect to those who served their cause, no matter what there origin or nationality was.

Here’s a photo of a Vietnam memorial. I think this one is in Colorado. I took the picture on a road trip.


Instinct – The Daily Prompt

My instinct is to stand up and fight, or maybe to run, or maybe I like the glance I get up that woman’s skirt as she reaches down to pick up her handbag before leaving the café. My instinct is to tell my old school teachers to go fk themselves (only the nasty ones, there were good ones too). My instinct, if I lived on the plains of Africa would be to go choke a small mammal and cook it over the fire, but I don’t live on the plains of Africa, so I mosey on over to the fridge and make a sandwich with ham and cheese and a bit of mayonnaise.

My instinct, is to put my seed into as many women as I can, but sadly, I am not a master of a harem, just  a regular guy so maybe I just have a little moment to myself or sometimes watch some readily available digital high speed smut. But hey that’s just a thought, I don’t need all that, we are talking about instincts here.

My instinct is to tell my partner to shut the fk up when she is whinging or winding on. But I don’t, or maybe I do sometimes, but I never want to hurt her but sometimes I just want space.

But hey – we are talking about instincts, and I am not an uncivilized individual, just a guy with instincts, and options, and control strategies, and anxiety, and joy and all those things that make us human.