A first post for the new year …

Hi Bloggers,

Happy new year. So, last night I intended on going down to the Old Port in Montreal to see the fireworks display. I did go down to the port, but I did not stay for the fireworks. It is Montreal’s 375th anniversary, so that’s as good a reason to celebrate as any, I guess.

It was very cold out, my phone weather app said it was -22C (without the wind chill). I took a subway down to the nearest station, and walked down to the port. Having spent much of the previous afternoon and evening walking in the city, I knew it was going to be cold as fek, so I layered up – with a pair of thick long tights, some thermal long johns, and my khaki hiking pants, and on top two shirts, a hoodie and my parka. I had a toque (beanie, hat), on, plus a kind of neck warmer balaclava, as well as my parka jacket hood on. Oh, and of course my new CAN-ADA gloves.

That should have been enough, you would hope. Well, after two hours of standing outside – the cold seeps in. No matter how much I jumped around, etc, I could not shake the cold. I didn’t pack my regular winter jacket because I am travelling light. I had to chuckle to myself, some people heading down to the venue didn’t have good face coverage on, and one young lady had a pair of those jeans with the rips in them where you can see lots of bare skin. Big fucking mistake, sweetheart, I chuckled to myself. Seriously though, people in this part of the world should know better! A lot of people were totally rugged up for artic conditions, though, because, they read the forecast, and they’re smart!


Of course, it would be tempting to drop a few nice quotes and anecdotes about positive thinking, good intentions, and other wise shit, but I’m going to keep it simple. I’m looking forward to a better year than the last one. For fucks sake, can it please be better than the last one, lol?

I’m going to keep meditating, keep exercising, keep eating good nourishing food and settling in to a new job in a new town. I have found a place to live, and now just working through the logistics of the move.

Thank you to all who have been ‘witness’ to my journey so far. I thank you for your feedback and support, and I look forward to continuing my blogging with you in the new year.




1000 likes. That’s pretty cool! I’m having fun with this!!!!!!!!!!!

WP community, this little gem popped up in my notifications today. I know this is probably humble beginnings, but it gives me hope. I spend lots of time and effort on my blogs, and its nice to know that there are people out there who appreciate my quirky view of the world enough to stop by and like what I’m doing.

Thank you. So I took a picture of the flower in my garden to share with you all. Peace, hugs, Namaste.


Congratulations on getting 1,000 total likes on The Random Blog of Irreverent Thoughts.
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100 followers on WP. Sincere thanks.

Its 5.15am in the morning. I need to be getting ready for work. This weekend I reached that milestone of 100 followers.

When I look back on my blog shares, its been quite the journey. Certainly a time of much change and upheaval and as always, personal growth for me. I’ve had fun, damn it!

Thank you, sincerely. In WP I have found a space to be myself. To be me! Whatever that is, I kind of get to make that what it is as I go along. It’s like tending a garden or learning a new instrument or whatever analogy you like.

Des Moines 20
Is this thing loaded???

Here, I can be myself. I can express, whether that’s fitness, sexuality, photography, relationships, sketching, travel experiences, etc.

I am grateful and thankful that 104 other souls have decided to join me on my journey.

So, some feedback please, anything that I should do more of? Anything I should do less of?

Have a great day, peace to all and hugs!