Searching for a room, and other personal business….

Hi Bloggers,

It’s a gorgeous day in Saskatoon. I plan to get out an enjoy it today.

Following on from the separation of my marriage, and the subsequent radioactive nuclear fallout that occurs when things get, um, difficult, I had decided that I needed to move out.

Now that, in itself is a big step, and I’m really ok with it. Like I’d be more than happy to have my own place. Without getting into too much detail, the big constraint is cash flow. Yep, hate to say it but I just don’t have an extra $550 to drop on a room every month, with all the bills and shit that I’ve got to pay.

So I spent yesterday searching Kijiji (community online noticeboard) for rooms. I texted and called probably 20 different arrangements, and spent the majority of the day driving around the city to view rooms. What I found was a bit of an eye opener. What you get in the sub $500 range per month is very, very, basic. 4 walls in a basement suite. Shared bathroom. Random assortment of people from all over living there. Some places are just like boarding houses. I thought about what it would mean to leave my bike there, or a laptop computer(!) or a wallet, or anything.

Lets just say that living in our downstairs basement room is pretty sweet. I have access to my kitchen, and the food that I pay for, for the family. I can see my kids by walking up the stairs. I can come and go as I please, and asides from the radioactive nuclear fallout that I have been experiencing, this is actually a pretty good arrangement.

So I talked to the T-bird last night. We asked ourselves if we could live in harmony for a few months. In December, she will be returning to Australia with the kids. So that’s what we are working towards. So far, so good.


Can we just be nice to each other, please? Thanks hon.