Today’s Workout and Some Random Bullshit

Hi Bloggers,

Last night, it was Friday night. After a long work week, I was feeling pretty tired so when I got home I crashed for a solid two hours! Normally, I feel really groggy after a sleep like that but I was feeling recharged after my long nap so I got my fav pair of hot shorts on and jumped on my bike to ride up to the gym for my work out. IMG_0802

At about 8.30 pm on a Friday night, my gym is kind of quiet so that’s nice.

Here’s what I did in my workout. It was mostly biceps and triceps. They are small muscle groups, so normally, you can blast through this workout without taxing yourself too much!

Preacher curls on bench

Concentration curls with cable

Incline bench curls

Cable triceps

Cable rows

When I came home yesterday and parked my car, the sun was filtering through a very large tree in the yard at the back of where I live. There was very little breeze, and the temperature was perfect. It was a nice sunny day all day long. Totally awesome! I snapped this pic for you all. I hope we are going to have a couple of really nice days here in the Maritimes. IMG_0801


It’s Friday. That gets a high kick!

Oh yeah, it’s Friday.

Fuck yeah!

You know what I’m talking about!

Catching up on sleep, going to the gym, staying up late, and probably getting some yoga in too.

This is how I feel:

I’m thinking I could throw a few of these into my work out routine. I think I’d look fabulous 😉

Maybe mix it up with a little chorus routine:

Might find something warm to put my #### in?

Just kidding! Kinda hot tho, right?