Ariane Moffatt – Les Apparences Too Good Not to Share! On n’change pas, c’est toujours pareil.

Bonjour blogguers,

J’ai entendu cette chanson a la radio (CBC Radio Canada). Je pense que c’est peut-etre la plus belle chanson j’ai jamais entendue! Je voulais le partager avec toi!

I heard this song on radio Canada. I think it may be the most beautiful song I have ever heard. I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy! 

On n’change pas, c’est toujours pareil = “We do not trade, its always the same”.





My Journey In Learning French – Mon voyage dans l’apprentissage du Francais…

J’t’aime le Francais!

The key here is immersion.

Hi Bloggers, as most of you would know, I am learning French. I think I am always going to be learning French, but it should be acknowledge that there is a time when you transition (successfully or otherwise?) from ‘just learning’ to speaking and using the language somewhat effectively.

I am sort-of somewhere in that neighbourhood.

After about 6 months of reading as much French as I can, listening to French radio for two hours five days a week, doing an introductory 10 week night school class, and countless ‘bad’ conversations in French, I can say that I am, without question, a beginner!

This thing will kick your arse!

Perhaps I am being a little unfair on myself. Here’s my own self assessment of completely in-quantified level of French proficiency:

Basic conversations in French – doing pretty good really. I will talk to anyone anywhere and attempt a conversation in French.

My listening comprehension – ok. I can get lost in a French dialogue very quickly. Other times I get a lot more of what is being said. I find that if I am in the conversation, it is a lot easier than say, listening to the radio.

Reading comprehension – decent for where I am. I read a lot, and write a lot and look for every opportunity to understand new words when I come across them. That is of course very slow and exhausting when you are getting started. Better now though.

Writing – not great. There are a lot of nuances. I find that I have no trouble having a text to text conversation in French on my cell phone. I understand a whole bunch of words in French that are common in every day language.

Speaking – oh, this is challenging. Biggest problem? Pronunciation. As an Anglophone, the fact is that words written appear to ‘us’ to be sounded a particular way. In French, those words take on a whole new sound with phonetics that don’t translate at all. There are a lot of silent letters in French. You cannot simply learn French from reading the words, translating them and sounding them out ‘in English’ phonetics. It just doesn’t work. You need a Francophone to help you with that.

Overall, I’m having fun with it. I was at dinner with two Francophones this week, and the exciting thing is that I can maintain a decent conversation in French now. We flip flop back and forth between French and English, and sometimes English words are used in French and vice versa. Totally butchering the language but having fun too!

One of the best things about learning French? Discovering the francophone music artists. I highly recommend Ariane Moffat, and also Joseph Edgar.

Here’s one of my favourite for you to enjoy! It’s a song about a guy who falls in love with a Russion spy! Nice. 😉

ui j’l’ai laissĂ© lĂ  dans la mousse pour guĂ©rir

Et en deux temps, trois mouvements, j’me suis mis Ă  courir

Maintenant c’est Ă  mon tour de n’pas pouvoir dire plusse

J’ai tombĂ© en amour avec une espionne russe

Oui j’l’ai laissĂ© lĂ  dans la mousse pour guĂ©rir

Et en deux temps, trois mouvements, j’me suis mis Ă  courir

Maintenant c’est Ă  mon tour de n’pas pouvoir dire plusse

J’ai tombĂ© en amour avec une espionne russe

Tomber en amour avec une espionne russe

Vivre c’est mettre au defi (to live is to challenge one’s self). Je suis content!

Bonjour Bloggers.

Je suis apprends le Francais. C’est mon numero une blog en Francais. Pardon moi pour la errors. Je ecrite mot en Francais, je utlize google translate pour correct la errors, mais, c’est moi ecrite en Francais.

Vivre c’est mettre au defi (to live is to challenge oneself). Je apprends Francais pour duex mois. Ce soir, Je suis alle au l’epicerie. Une femme cashier assist moi achete la groceries. Je parle Francais avec la femme. Elle est Anglophone mais elle parle Francais bonne. Nous parle Francais dans l’epicerie. Je suis tout excite!

Je n’ai jamais pense que je parlerais Francais; mais ici je est.

Tres bien. Je demande vous – encore plus blog en Francais? Dit moi. Merci.


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