The Importance of Hot Yoga, and other things…

Hi Bloggers,

Tonight I did hot yoga. It was a really hot session. Of yoga. I’ve done hot yoga maybe 20 to 30 times. I remember the first times that I did it, I was nervous about how the heat would affect me. I don’t handle the heat to well and many times in the past I have had heat exhaustion – particularly living and working in Australia underground in the mine or after working in the hot sun all day.

Thankfully, I found hot yoga to be fairly agreeable with my physiology. I sweat a lot. Tonight the temperature was up to 40 C for the most of the session. Sometimes, I find myself in a kind of mental haze, just going through the movements and allowing the heat to affect my body and mind. You have to give in to it. There might be moments when you feel a little feint, or week or woozy, but so far I’ve never had any ill effects during or after the session.

It provides for a kind of a physical and mental purge. There is meditation and breathing at the start, and also at the end. These are opportunities for reflection and setting an intention for your practice. I normally set my intention to allow love into my heart, and to give love outwards to the world. That goes along with letting go of any frustrations, anxieties, guilt, anger, resentment, etc. It’s impossible to hang on to these kinds of feelings when you are holding a downward dog, or moving through a flow of plank to cobra, to downward dog. 65a396c9be19942f50249dd8acda5d2c[1]

Another couple of significant developments for me – I had a good discussion with my boss. I was able to open up about what is going on in my life, to provide some context (not justification or whatever) for the types of activities that I have been engaged with at work. This allowed me to explain myself in a non adversarial way. It was a good discussion, and he asked if there was anything he could do for me. I felt much relieved, like I’d been carrying a burden that was relieved. 

I also had a counselling session. This too was very beneficial. Just to talk to someone, to share my thoughts and feelings and to get feedback. I felt much more… human. 

Workout Routines

Today’s workout was all about the arms – biceps and triceps. I did a bit of ab crunch machine in there too. I thought I might like to share a little bit about what I do in the gym. I work out fairly often, I like to go most days but in reality it averages out to about 4 times a week.

Work, family commitments, energy levels, stress, illness, etc. all get in the way of work out time. But the key is consistency. As you get into the habit of exercising regularly, you will feel the want to go. I have been working out for many years. On and off for a few earlier on in life but these days I’ve been consistent for about 9 years.

For the guys who are built like twigs and aren’t getting ahead in the gym, I recommend that you do your homework on what helps to build muscle mass. Check out Stronglifts 5×5. You can find it on FB. We are all different, and I see some guys that just pop with muscles after their first work out after a 5 year layoff. Unfortunately, we aren’t all put together like that. At the other end of the scale is the puffy guy who puts on pounds easy but the wrong kind and doesn’t seem to be able to shake it.

So I’m an ectomorph. Maybe I’m a mesomorph, or at least I’m looking more like one these days. If you are thinking wtf is an ectomorph, its a skinny body type. High metabolism, does not put weight on easy. Don’t hate me for it, but I’ve always been able to eat anything I want, and never ever got fat. But there’s a kind of downside to this. I have to really eat a lot and work hard in the gym to maintain my 205 lbs. One trip away for work where I can’t access the same amount of calories due to eating at (normal) regular meal times and late dinners means that I shed about 5-8 lbs. By normal I mean that I eat all the time, so being constrained to regular lunch and dinner times keeps me hungry, and losing weight. Heaviest I ever got was about 213 lbs and that was recently, but I cant keep it on, and besides, I start looking a little pudgy around the chin at this stage.

So my basic principal – speaking for myself is this: eat a lot, of healthy foods. I pig out a bit on junk but its not the bulk of my diet. Keep it simple. I don’t do protein shakes much these days – they are very expensive, and I can tell you that I have kept the weight on without them. I drink full cream milk, like 3.25% fat. I like to slam two milkshake sized milk drinks a day – I put Quik in there for flavour.

Workouts should be varied. You don’t generally work out the same body part two days in a row. You need to let everything repair, recover, and grow. I have about 6 different work outs that I rotate. I also change them about every 3 months to something a bit different. It keeps it interesting. I used to do the same workout every day, and didn’t listen to my gym buddies, and wasn’t consuming enough food and kept thinking “this isn’t working, I don’t look any different whether I work out or not”. I was so dumb about things back then.

So, here’s the routine. Take it or leave it. Enjoy! Oh, and one last point, if you work out like a girl you will have girly muscles (which are awesome on girls), so you need to gradually increase your weight and challenge yourself to go heavier, but don’t go crazy, I have done some injuries finding the right amount of weight for each of my exercises. You should feel totally ‘spent’ after each workout if you are really going for it.

Workout A  biceps and legs.  Heavy bicep workout.

Dumbbell bicep curls.

Ezy bar curls.

Zane (cross over) curls


Calf extensions

Workout B chest and shoulders.

Dumbbell bench press.

Shoulder lat raises.

Chest flyes.

Arnold press

Crunch machine

Workout C biceps and triceps. Light bicep workout hi reps.

Preacher curls on bench

Concentration curls

Incline bench curls

Arm extenders for tricep on bench.

Cable triceps

Workout D mix up.

Overhead press

Power cleans

Hi step ups



Workout E mixup.

Hyper extensions

Incline dumbbell chest press

Leg curls

Leg extensions


Workout F  

Combo lat raises with overhead press dumbbell

Wide grip chin up

Cable cross over chest pulls

Bent over rows

Push ups with feet on bench

Power clean to squat jerks over head



Keeping a workout routine

Hi, if you are regularly into working out, or trying to find the motivation to work out regularly, there are no big tricks or secrets. It’s just get off your arse and start working out. So I read there are lots of opinions expressed about getting started in the gym, knowing what to do, feeling intimidated etc.

So I’ve been working out regularly for more than 8 years. Previous to that I worked out for at least a few years but I got away from the gym and had a bit of a break. The change for me was moving to Canada and having easy access to a community gym. Since then I’ve been working out regularly. By regularly I mean without big breaks, like lazy summers or whatever, just consistent gym workouts. When I go on business travel or even vacation I use that as an opportunity to check out new gyms to train in.

So if you are a bit intimidated, this is normal. I have found, the VAST majority of gyms (and I’ve been in lots and lots of them) are decent respectful places. I will add though, that I hate working out at 5 pm because the redneck truck driving 20 somethings tend to take over, often in groups of two or more. That’s ok, the gym is a place for everyone in my opinion, so I rather train in the mornings or later in the evening.

So what to do – I used to work out every day, same workout, and guess what, I made no gains. I didn’t even want to listen to the guys around me who knew more about it than I did. Then in about 2010 I decided to finally do my homework. I found Stronglifts 5 x 5 (its on the net) and this was the biggest shift in my thinking and actions that led to a very significant mass gain in about 6 months. I’ll save that story for later.

Ok, so anyone who reads my posts are probably going to work out that I’m comfortable in my skin, and a bit of an exhibitionist. I don’t mind showing off my assets earned from hard work in the gym. I pretty much wear short tights or long tights, and compression tanks or shirts. I figure I’m not going to have this beautiful frame forever so I’m making the most of it. If anyone is wondering, people tend to not worry too much about what I am wearing. I used to be kind of self conscious about it but I’ve worn the tight shorts for pretty much every workout in the past 10 years. I find it liberating and a bit of a middle finger to conventional attire. Sure people look, but at 205 lbs and covered in tattoos I have a confidence that allows me the ability to do what the fuck I want! Bicep flexer

Pattern – Daily Prompt

via Daily Prompt: Pattern

Hi, I’m new to WordPress, but so far I like it. I plan to make a pattern of blogging habits. My blog is called The Random Blog of Irreverent Thoughts. The pattern or theme of this blog will be somewhat random, but some themes may emerge. Here are a few patterns you might see if you stick with me (please follow!):

  1. Randomness in thoughts and expressions.
  2. Fitness type blogs, but more of an active diary of what I do, not trying to tell you how to lose weight or what to eat!
  3. Gratuitous eye candy pictures. Tasteful, I hope.
  4. Book reviews with gratuitous eye candy pictures (In which I am reading a book!).
  5. Occasional social commentary or discussion. But don’t worry, I’m not that into politics or issues so I don’t plan to overwhelm you will bullshit.
  6. Stuff about music.
  7. I might even share some erotica, but that would be a new venture and I will maybe start off slowly….