Controversy – Daily Prompt

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Hmm controversy. That’s controversial.

My blogging is controversial. Its got stuff in there that could cause a controversy. Stuff like pictures and sexual imagery, and maybe some sketches that cover controversial material like relationship dynamics and polyamorous things. It might be too controversial for some. That’s ok, take it or leave it.

I’ll tell you what I steer clear of – politics, that’s too controversial. Good way to divide opinions and polarise people. Just like religion. There’s a good way to start a controversy. I bet there’s tons of blogs back and forth about politics and religion. Not for me. I’ll stick to less controversial shit that is actually more fun.

War – that’s controversial. Especially if you are on the wrong side, or don’t agree with the philosophy as to why the war was being waged. I’m not getting into a controversial debate. Respect to those who served their cause, no matter what there origin or nationality was.

Here’s a photo of a Vietnam memorial. I think this one is in Colorado. I took the picture on a road trip.