Hot Yoga 4 – got sweat?

Hi Bloggers,

I went to hot yoga last night. Man, was it sweaty…. I had my work day done. I was tired, like nodding off tired when I was at work. I was ho-hum about going to yoga last night. When I opened up WP and saw some comments and felt a little more connected with the ‘blog-fam’ I got a little boost and decided to pull on some lycra and get my arse over to the gym.

I went to the same class as last Tuesday, at the other main gym. It was moderately busy. As soon as I settled in I felt how warm it was, and I knew this was going to be a hot session (of yoga – this is not one of ‘those’ stories..). 

So we got through the regular movements etc. Normally, about 2/3 into the session I am starting to ask myself about whether I’m going to make it through the session, as sweat absolutely pours from me, and my muscles tire from the 10th chattaranga/cobra/downward dog flow in a row.

But I got through it. Even felt pretty good after the session.

In other quirky news, my car – the little silver bullet, busted a windscreen wiper blade yesterday morning. After yoga I popped down to Walmart to grab a replacement and fitted it right there in the parking lot. It had been raining a lot yesterday, and driving when you can’t clear your windscreen is no fun.

Also, the door locking mechanism with the key (as the remote button doesn’t work…) is super temperamental. It decides whether to lock, or not when the key is turned. Lots of times I try to turn the key to lock it and it doesn’t lock, until like the 8th attempt. The other night I gave up because it wouldn’t lock at all. Then, mysteriously, it started locking on the first go. And now, for the moment, it works. Too weird eh?

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These are not my feet, I use a different shade of nail polish. 



Car Troubles – the sequel, a happy ending…

Hi Bloggers,

If you’ve been following me you would have noticed that my Toyota RAV 4, which served us diligently for almost nine years, decidedly shat itself last week. The transmission was slipping like a bastard. I had to make a swift and decisive decision. I decided to park it up. We  just don’t have the money to fix this damn tranny again after the last $6000 repair bill.

So I started looking at cars. I found one that I liked. Its an old-ish Hyundai. Now, I never planned to ever be driving one of these, its just what you find yourself doing when necessity trumps style or appearances etc. I really needed something hopefully reliable, cheap, and that would start in the morning and get me to work and back.


I know, right, setting new standards in class and looks. 


The test drive went pretty well. I actually liked it. I talked to the bank, got pre approved, and before you know it I was at the licence and registration agency getting this little puppy registered under my name. I brought it home today. First thing my son said “That’s the stupidest car I’ve ever seen,” soon followed by “It’s so small, and low, how are you going to get into it?” Brat. My wife said something like “ok so your life is a train wreck, now you have the car to match.” Funny, I know.


Sleek lines, modern details, I know, right? 


So the key fob thing didn’t work from the get go. I decided to gamble the $10 and buy some new batteries in the vain hope that it would work. Good news is that the remote start actually works. Yeh, I was surprised too. Maybe not a big deal if it doesn’t freeze where you live, but a trip out to the car when you’re not properly dressed on a dark winter morning at -30C will have you convinced that this is a great feature. Strangely, the door lock mechanism doesn’t work to lock the doors – I still have to use the key, but the unlock does work. 1 for 2 I guess.


New battery in the fob thing. Fingers crossed… People in the parking lot probably thought I was fixing a hit or something… 


I took it for a little joy ride today. It purrs like a kitten. No doubt I look the ducks nuts in this thing, turning heads all the way down the riverside drive. Actually, that’s complete bullshit. I think its really non-descript. Its like the car your granny drives to the grocery store. But all the same, its actually quite a smooth ride, really.


If you were me, this is what you’d see… 



I’m watching you… 



Unbelievably, the key fob thing works for the remote start. Ok, another point, the car is not smaller than my hand, its a perspective thing. Its because the car is far away from my hand. I could explain with a diagram if required. 




Car troubles…

So I’ve heard a saying (never actually said it, I promise) “If its got tits or wheels, it’ll give you trouble”.

That may be a little unfair because we all know that there are some reliable vehicles out there in the world that give no trouble at all. So back in 2008, when we first came to Canada, we purchased a 2002 Toyota RAV4. It’s been a fantastic little car. It’s take us far and wide across much of the north west part of North America. Here’s a quick list of the provinces and states our car has taken us:

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana. It drives great in all types of conditions. I’ve started the engine at -40C after not having plugged in the block heater.

About 6 years ago, or so, it started revving up between gears, maybe like in 2nd gear or whatever (its an automatic). It was clunking badly into reverse, and losing traction while the engine revved harder. I was pretty disappointed but having done the miles we had done in this thing I was ok with it. So I got it into the shop. The job was to get the transmission rebuilt. Price tag $6,000. “Holy fuck!” I said. We got that repair done and drove on for many reliable and happy miles after that.

Recently, that nasty transmission slipping effect has come back with a vengeance. I’m afraid it might be curtains for the little old RAV4. It would be sad to park it up, but I’m fucked if I’ll be paying another $6,000 for a rebuild on the tranny.

So now I find myself browsing Kijiji or whatever for the cheap used cars. Amazingly there seems to be some cars out there for not much money, and I only want something that starts and stops reliably and gets me to work….. happy car shopping eh?

2002 Toyota RAV4 ACA21R Cruiser:
It looks a bit like this, only shittier!