High and Dry on PEI (Prince Edward Island)

Hi Bloggers,

I’m not dead yet, I’m living in the Maritimes (Eastern Provinces of Canada).

Life is good. People here are very nice. The place is beautiful. There is a kind of ‘east coast vibe’ thing going on. This weekend, I travelled the short distance to PEI. It’s across the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick.

It’s Canada’s smallest province, the birthplace of Confederation, the home of Anne of Green Gables, and absolutely gorgeous!

More coastline, rocky shores, red dirt, green fields, potatoes, and pints of beer than you can poke a stick at!

Muuuuahhh! 😉



Arrrrggghhhh – Shiver Me Timbers. 



Anne of Green Gables’ house! 



Anne’s Back Yard
Cheers big ears




Ahlan (hi!)… Shaking hands with the Arabs, craft beer, Skyping my daughter, and the failed ANZAC cookies.

Hi, Ahlan (Arabic) bloggers.

Bit of a random mixed bag for you today. I wanted to share some good things, simple things and some inspiration.

So I work out at the Y. I noticed when I got there that there was a group of maybe 6 or so Arabic speaking guys. I thought they were loud. I honestly found them a bit intimidating. In a moment of tired crankiness I found myself getting annoyed at they way they spoke.

I chided myself for being so intolerant. I am an immigrant, in this country of immigrants. Canada is known for its kindness and willingness to take in people from all nations. Especially those in need.

Image result for syriaAbout 3 years ago, when the crisis in Syria was at its height, we saw images of bomb-shelled buildings and men, women and children fatally injured and others bandaged, and bleeding. From the comfort of a computer screen I flicked through headlines, then got on with my day. 


See the source image
Utter devastation in Syria. I’m glad we helped these people escape this chaos.


Canada, via PM Justin Trudeau announced that we were going to take in refugees from Syria. At one stage, Saskatoon had taken in about 450 of them. It was on the radio a lot, especially in the first year of their repatriation, and of course I would see them around the city.


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The Arab States.


I told myself, a couple of weeks ago, that I was going to make a point of shaking hands with the young Arab men at my gym. I was going to get past any awkwardness, and say ‘hi.’ I did that the other night.

I was quite impressed. One of the guys told me that he had only been talking English for a year, and he spoke quite well. They are in high school here. He plans to study engineering. It was really nice to break down the barriers and just be friendly. I will always say hi when I see them now. He told me that they went from Syria, to Turkey for a year, then came to Canada.

Ok, craft beer. This is like some sort of East Coast obsession. I’ve been visiting some of the local breweries here. There are some really nice taps for sure. Its nice to ride my bike around town and park up and get a pint. There’s one brewery/bar that is about 2 blocks from my house, and they have a fire place, and let people bring their dogs in. Its a really nice atmosphere, but it does get noisy.


The view past my pint glass at the Cider House, on Queen street.


I stopped at the Cider House bar last night. There was a couple of girls serving at the bar, and of course they spoke French (parle francais), so I got the opportunity to have a mini conversation in French. That was cool.

Tonight I Skyped my daughter. It was the first decent conversation that we’ve had in many, many months. I was very glad and grateful that she gave me the time to talk to her ‘ole dad. I plan to do that regularly. She’s a gorgeous young lady. Hopefully this will be a new direction in daddy-daughter relations, but we will see.



Bridge over troubled water? The old rail bridge, now a pedestrian bridge over the Saint John River. 



Tonight, there was an attempt to make ANZAC cookies. These are the recipe that most Aussie kids grow up on. Famous for being baked back in Australia for the troops on the front lines of Gallipoli or France – because they would be put in tins and stay well preserved by the time they made it to the troops. The cookies went kinda flat, so rather than ANZAC cookies, they were more pancake like. Nice effort though.


The view from Graystone Brewery. Contentment in a pint glass.


That’s about all I have to say at the moment. A good day. Bless you all. I hope this blog finds you well. Thanks for taking the time to read.



Gettin’ on!

Hi Bloggers.

It’s turned ‘wintery’ here. Walking around outside at work today I thought I was going to freeze my face off. First day of wearing long johns under the work trousers. Normally its got to be about -20C before I will go to such lengths. In the still air its not to bad, but anywhere a breeze or wind is blowing the cold factor increases by a fair bit. I really feel for the guys and gals that work outdoors all day. It takes a special kind of energy and focus to tough out cold weather all day.


Canada has a new $10 bank note. Looking good there foundation fathers/mother!


Recently I went to one of those Canadian mega chain cafe’s. Jim Shorton’s (or something). I had the chicken club sandwhich. I did get the combo with wedges. I waited patiently or at least I hacked into my club sandwhich expecting my wedges to be brought over, as if they were late coming from the cooker or something. I got up and approached the counter. I was in complete first world despair when the young lady told me that I got a shot of vanilla flavour in my latte, and that some how negated the value of the wedges. I disagree. I think that f’ked the tasted of the coffee, and I didn’t get my wedges! Damn.

I went to this other coffee mega chain – Sharkbucks or something. I got the salted caramel frappachia or something. A warning readers. It’s horrible. I’m down with frappe and good with caramel, but putting a bunch of salt in a sweet drink. Urrggh. It was disgusting!

At this point I realise I’m sounding like a whiny bitch so it’s time to change gears….


Chicken club at Jim Shortons. It was actually quite spicy, which I like 😉


Ok, so what’s been going on for me? I’m getting on! Life has its ups and downs. I feel much more balanced, and content. There are moments when I fear the future, where I have apprehension, concerns, etc. I’ve certainly made some changes – for the better I would suggest. I’ve let go of a lot of fears – that feels pretty good.


Ok, have to brush the snow back before I open the door and get the brush handled scraper thing out. Only need to do this for the next six months! 


Of course, I’ve been working out. I got a work out in today before work. The picture below is from the weekendIMG_6527. I also watched a documentary – Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It’s about an Australian bloke who goes on a 60 day juice fast. Yeh, doesn’t sound very interesting but the guy is highly entertaining, and inspiring. I recommend that you watch it. It has even inspired me to include more fresh fruit and veggies in my diet. I have what I would consider a fairly balanced diet. I eat some junk but typically get plenty of fresh or frozen veggies in too.

Anyway readers, hugs, and Namaste.