Today’s Workout, and other Random Bullshit….

Hi Bloggers,

On Sunday I started my Arnie developed split workout deal.

Anyway, I was doing awesome, into my evening split work out which was legs. I always enjoy legs. Monday – the stat holiday, I woke with a terrible dull headache that I often get from muscle pain and strain in the traps and upper back/neck. Its not a new concept – I have a history of mild headaches about once or twice a week associated with the upper back/neck strains. I modified my workout to remove shrugs and dead lifts because of this and I’ve been generally better off.

work out 5 Sep 2017

Ok, so in the Arnie workout, there is shrugs, and bent over lat raises and other things that target the traps etc. I was also coming off another workout which did my shoulders etc and I was feeling tweaky in the upper back/neck so I just fucking blew it out on Sunday, and the result was that I spent most of Monday sleeping off a headache. But I digress. Tonight I was back in the gym!


work out 5 Sep 2017 2
Damn these shorts feel good to wear. Do they feel good to you too?



Ok so on the second alternating work out, here’s what I did:

Barbell bench press, dips, sit ups, pull ups, cable rows, and bent over rows. Without boring you with the weight and rep detail lets just say its a punishing routine of 5 sets of 15, 12, 10, 8, 8 reps. So I moderated the weight a bit which is a nice change.

I had a snooze today. I needed it after an early start this morning. I struggled for motivation. The parking lot was full of red-neck high lift kit pick up trucks. I knew it was going to be busy. The place was a fucking zoo.

I didn’t know if I had the energy to face the judgy 20-ish crowd in my lycra hot shorts. At a point, I committed, and got stuck in. Soon enough I was in there amongst it, with the bromance work outers, the 30 other guys, and two extremely hot girls (there’s always one or two – sadly grossly outnumbered by guys but whatever) and a few average looking people.

Soon enough, I was owning it. I couldn’t give a flying fk what anyone else was doing. I was getting my workout on, and enjoying it!




Cooking for meatheads…. cook in bulk.

Hey bloggers,

I like to eat. I like to cook to but I’m more about cooking in bulk so I can feed myself during the week. This weekend I went all out. I did a chicken hot pot and a beef hot pot. Here’s how I got it done.

Here’s the shopping list:

Buy like two trays of diced steak.

Buy two trays of skinless, boneless chicken thighs. They are just the right size.

Celery. Two bunches.

Mushrooms, pre cut.

Capsicum (peppers for the North Americans).

Small potatoes.

Baby carrots.


A jar of sauce, I use a tomato based sauce for the beef and an alfredo pasta sauce for the chicken.

Cut your vegies up on a board, put them in a big bowl. Don’t fuck around, just cut it up this isn’t a-la-carte dining.

Throw your beef in the slow cooker. I cooked my chicken in a large saucepan. Give the chicken some time and stir it around to brown up a bit.

Throw your vegies in. Forget about the beef hot pot for about 6 hours min. Keep stirring the chicken every half hour or so.

After about 2 hours the chicken dish is ready.

I bought a bunch of storage tubs to keep everything in the freezer. Viola, you will have meals to take to work or for evenings for at least a week.

Here’s the chicken. 


This would be the beef, in the slow cooker. 


Lots of wholesome veggies. Keep the sharp knives away from the ex 😉


These fuckers are useless and just get in the way. Plus they will steal your food if you turn you back.. but they are cute and fun to have around!



Dinner or lunch for the next week or so. 


Today’s Workout, Yesterday’s Workout, and the lonnnnnng weekend, woot woot!

Hey Bloggers,

Had a couple of quality work outs in the past couple of days. Big project at work is behind me, and I have been able to get back to gym early in the morning. I was able to sleep well and had the alarm set for 4.30 am to get my hot shorts on and get down to the gym!

Plan this weekend is for some work outs, jamming with some friends, practice guitar, and keep my arse out of trouble!

Yesterday’s workout:

31 Aug 2017 (2)
Do all that, and you get to look like this!!


Powerclean squats to overhead press (one movement). 10 sets of 1 rep. Olympic bar with a 45lb plate each end.

Bent over rows. ezy curl bar. 3 sets of 10 reps.

Wide grip chin ups. 3 sets of 10.

Cable cross over chest pulls.

Push ups with feet on the bench.


more below….

Today’s workout:

Superset this: 

Fri 1 Sept 2017 (2)
I got my new hot shorts!! They are Muscle Alive brand. Size L. Got them on AliExpress. The feel OMG good! I can NOT explain that look on my face, even with the new shorts feeling so good 😉



  1. Bicep curls with alternating dumbbell –
  2. bicep curls with ezycurl bar –
  3. Zane cross over  bicep curls.

Do a set of 10 reps each, then do all of that again for a total of 3 sets of 10 for each of the three movements.


Calf raises.





Keeping Pace with a CP Loco

On my drive home this evening I was driving on the highway. It is a dual carriageway with two lanes going in each direction. Its very flat – its Saskatchewan! So today I noticed a train travelling on the tracks along side the highway. I was going quite a bit quicker so it didn’t take me too long before I was rolling up along side it.

I slowed, and rolled the passenger window down. I could see the loco engine just metres from my car. It was grubby, sooty even. There was a large distinct CP or Canadian Pacific emblem down the side. I could hear the diesel engine. It wasn’t like the Doppler effect you get when the engine goes by you – where it sounds slightly higher pitched when travelling towards you, and lower when travelling away. The sound was a constant droning effort from the power plant.

I could see a set of three of the loco’s drive wheels, rusty coloured. Rolling along the steel track. The front lights were blazing. There are three of them. As I resumed highway speed I was able to look in the passenger side rear view to see those triple lights beaming into the late afternoon.

I couldn’t help but feel a little excited. I wanted to keep pace with it for a while but I was on the highway, and while there wasn’t much other traffic, it didn’t seem right to slow down to about 70 km/hr on a road signed for 110 km/hr. 

I had another experience a bit like this in Nebraska, and once in Arizona. The time in Nebraska we stood at a level crossing, and this Union Pacific beast came by at full noise. Let me tell you, there are few things that will shake you like a thundering diesel loco at full clip flying by you at full speed, with double stacked containers along its length.

Simply awesome!!!


Life is a Balancing Act

Hi Bloggers,

Life is a balancing act. We are constantly and often intuitively adjusting to the variables – maybe its the slope of the pavement, maybe its going around a corner on a bicycle, or deciding how much to spend on ourselves or our loved ones when buying a gift or having  a night out.

Balance also applies to personal freedoms. As with everything, there are balance issues to consider. How do you express yourself with the amount of freedom or experience you desire, while being considerate of the feelings of those who care about you? Even within yourself, there is balance to consider. How much to drink on a night out? Too much and you end up in gutter, too little and you maybe don’t get the buzz you are looking for. I’ve fucked that one up plenty of times.

Image result for balancing act
From Pinterest


What if you don’t even know what your limits of acceptable experience are, because you are still finding your way in life, or your situation has changed? Sometimes you might over commit, sometimes you haven’t found your balance and invariably, you will leave people feeling disappointed, or perhaps find yourself regretting your actions or motivations.

There’s no magic answers here, sometimes its just down to life experience, going with the flow, and knowing when to say yes, and when to say no, even to yourself.




Today’s workout. Feels like Friday, to me.

Hi Bloggers,

I’ve been working long hours, and feeling zapped when I get home. Work has been quite demanding with 6 am starts and long days. I have been coming home from work and just crashing, missing my gym and my blogging.

After working today, I have tomorrow off, (feels like Friday!) and after a catch up nap I pulled on my man thong and lycra hot shorts and got my arse down to the gym, here’s my workout, hope you can keep up!

Overhead press 5 sets of 5 reps, but between each of these sets I put a 5 sets of 5 reps power cleans. That should separate the wheat from the chaff! I use an Olympic bar with a 45 lb plate on each end.

Lunges with 45 lb weight. 3 sets of 30 lunges.

Hi step ups onto a high step 3 x 10 holding 45 lb weight.

Chainsaws (one arm bench row) with an 80 lb dumbbell, 3 x 10.

SAM_3999 (2)

SAM_4009 (2) SAM_3996 (2)

We’re Jamming

Hi Bloggers.

I had a friend come over tonight and jam for a while. No really fixed agenda. He used to play bass in our band and We’ve had a break for a bit. I reached out and soon enough he’s in our basement jamming away. Just me, him and a drum track.

My drummer friend is out of town but I’m looking forward to getting together with these guys because they are excellent musicians, and all around nice-guys.

It feels just a bit like in the Blues Brothers, where they are getting the band back together, because they’re on a mission, from god!

Image result for jamming

Floral Arrangement – a Prairie Photo Essay


Prairie wildflowers in a take away coffee cup from a gas station. Notice the elevator in the back ground. 



Where the f is Manitoba anyway?



I caught this little birdy at an elevator. It flew, I ran. It flew again, I ran it down. I let it go unharmed. 



Keeping it Canadian, eh?



Yet another old barn… 


If anybody needs me, I will be in my basement room, riffing away on the guitar… simple bliss.

Ah, the simple pleasures in life. Relative calm, my own room in the basement.

Riffing away with Bad Company’s Feels Like Making Love, or AC/DC’s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, or how about a bit of John Cougar’s Hurts So Good? 

That’s what I’m talking about. Just leave me be, with my guitar! Fuck yeah!!!! I’m a happy clam.