Musings on a Sunday Afternoon …

Hi Bloggers, It’s Sunday. A day to catch up, a day to sleep in. I cooked eggs this morning with toast. I was half-heartedly talking myself into going to the gym. I think I’ll do that a bit later. Took some bags of leaf litter and garden trash to the dump. Made a milkshake with full cream milk and ice cream. mmmm.

So we are into fall now. Today as we were heading to the dump there were snow flakes flying. The ground is still too warm for the snow to stick and the flurries were so light I don’t think we are going to see much on the ground.

Yesterday I went for a bike ride. It was pretty cool, or so I thought when I left the house. I put two layers of long black tights on, a wife-beater tank and a long sleeve tee shirt under a hoodie. As I got riding at some point I realised that I might be a little over dressed so I took off one pair of the long tights and the long sleeve shirt under my hoodie. After that it was just right.


The new city traffic bridge is coming along very nicely. It has the same architectural profile as the original old bridge but this one will carry two lanes of car traffic.


I stopped by at one of my favourite cafe’s. I got this French breakfast donut that was absolutely awesome. I was feeling kind of hungry on my ride and in the need for a sugar hit and that donut really hit the spot! There was a crowd of mixed types there on this Saturday afternoon. Some students with laptops and text books, hipsters in beanies and beards, and regular family types out to meet for a coffee. People were chatting and the espresso machine was doing is whhhooooossshsshhshhshsh sounds.


My view from D’Lish café….

Don’t worry,

IMG_6449 (2)
Yesterday’s workout

I’ve been working out too. I’ve done a few workouts this week. I’ve done two rotations of my workouts A-F in ‘heavy mode’. So now for one rotation I will be back to light mode/lots of reps. The work out is different. You get a lot more burn. In some ways its easier because you don’t get so physically taxed from doing heavy sets and max effort but it can still be intense as you are repping your muscles to exhaustion in each set.

IMG_6444 (2)
Friday’s workout








So what was in yesterday’s workout? Workout F Power clean to overhead press squats, wide grip chin ups, combo dumbbell lat raises with overhead press, bent over rows, push ups with feet on bench, cable cross overs. It was a good work out!


IMG_6415 (2)
Can’t recall which day. Whatever!



Today’s workout – clearing blockages…

Hi Bloggers,

Tuesday morning, I was up with the sparrows to get an early work out in before work. I had the alarm set for 4.30 am and for a nice change I actually felt like getting up and working out, as I didn’t plan to make it in extra early to work – just IMG_6396 (2)regular early.

I feel like I am clearing some blockages. The recent past has been so littered with challenges and constraints of sorts, I feel like I am starting to see or realise the way forward. It has not been clear, for a long time, and there is still much uncertainty, but overall right now I have a sense of optimism. A sense of relief, and a sense of relative freedom.

I’ve had some good critical conversations with some key people in my life. I have had to ask for understanding, for support and to refrain from judgement, as much as possible, anyway.

Ahhhh. Deep breath.

So I did my work out C today, it was all about the biceps, triceps and abdominals. Not too heavy, not too light. A good work out.

Workout C – biceps and triceps.

Preacher curls on bench


Concentration curls


Incline bench curls


Arm extenders for tricep on bench. Cable triceps


Sit ups






The leap of faith….

Hi Bloggers.

Life is changing for me. This represents risk, and opportunity. I will admit that I am a bit apprehensive. This might not end well.

But then again, it might work out awesome!

Sometimes you have to follow your instincts. Yes, there will be scrapes and bruises. My ego has been and will be further tested. Finances will be strained. Some time ago, my ex and I had made a life changing decision, to separate. The only thing being, we haven’t separated yet. Not entirely anyway. We still live in the same house. We are still pretty much full time parents to our children. We still eat from the same fridge.

There was a time when I was terrified of the possible ramifications of major change. I clung to normality and routine. It was comfortable, but it was not inspiring. I’m not complaining about my past or current situation, it is what it is.

Sometimes, you gotta make a change.


Image result for high diver
Current situation…. 




Image result for high diver
I prefer to perform to a crowd… 



Image result for high diver
Those speedos won’t protect you from a scrape on those rocks. 




Thank F… it’s Sunday!

Hey Bloggers. Sunday. Ahhh. Had a short-ish sleep in. Hopped up, mess around a bit and headed down for a workout. As I entered my usual gym this morning I noticed the Halloween display on the entrance area. Spooky spider webs and yellow caution tape. As I was leaving I noticed some scary ghosts (the ghosts of my past??? yikes!). I’m pretty sure they were plastic sheets with balloons inflated in them and hung up with string. Close one! IMG_6377 (2)

So my gym experience this morning? Pretty good I would say. No really urgent things to do, apart from clean up the house a bit.

There was the usual assortment of regulars there – the fit couple that always work out together. He wears his hat on backwards and lifts pretty full on. He’s a grunter, and that’s ok! His GF is fit looking. They are always seen together which is nice.

I ran into one of the regulars when putting my bag in the locker. I said Hi, what are you working out etc? He was on leg day. I told him I was doing chest and shoulders. There were some other regulars in there, and some I hadn’t seen before. It was generally pretty quiet which I like.

The TV’s were off. Normally they are showing business news network or Sportsnet. Today they just had that little speaker icon that floats around the screen. I settled in for my workout. I was feeling somewhat inspired by watching part of Generation Iron on Netflix. IMG_6355 (2)

My first exercise was dumbbell bench press. I did 10 reps with 80 lbs then went to 5 sets of 5 for 100 lbs. After that it was incline dumbbell press, 5 x 5 at 70 lbs. Then I did lat raises, 3 x 10 at 30 lbs, and bent over lat raises, 3 x 10 at 20 lbs. Finished off with lying leg raises. sets of 20, 15, 10.

It was a good workout. Got it done easy enough. Some days you feel strong and able and some days the weights are heavier. It’s just the way it goes.

I retreated upstairs to the yoga room. I settled in for some meditation. It was fairly superficial, truth be told. I’d like to say it was deep and spiritual. I sat on a cushion and took about 10 mins to just settle. I was really feeling ok, and reflected on how for many times in the past 2 years, the meditation has been a rock that I have clung to – almost as if, in a personal crisis, or series of crises, it was all I had to stay sane. On this occasion, I was just feeling generally pretty good, and that’s ok!




Today’s workout, and one from the other day, and some other random bullshit.

Hi Bloggers,

We’ve been getting ready to put the house on the market – all part of the plan to go separate ways. So I’m at a crossroads of sorts. Not too concerned about the future, maybe a little apprehensive but also kind of excited too. The last month or so has been about fixing up houses and other loose ends to prepare for the next chapter in life.

Had a little misadventure with dishwashers. We’ve had one in the house since we bought the place, but it hasn’t worked worth a shit since some time soon after we moved in. It just stopped cleaning dishes. It ran, it made dishwasher noises, but every time you’d open the door the food was still stuck to the plates etc.

Dishwashers. A total pain in the arse. 


So I thought, lets buy a cheapo off Kijiji (on line classifieds) and stick that in there and then we can sell the place with a working dishwasher. We found one and drove out to have a look. Forked out $140 for the used dishwasher. Got it in today. Guess what? The bastard leaks! Ok. Pull it out again, see if there is something obvious. Of course its all this plastic moulded crap with wires coming out of it so there is no hope of fixing this thing.

We reluctantly decided to go down to the hardware store and buy a new one. There were a couple of models for $400. Of course they don’t stock them and have to wait a week. Ok, which ones do they stock? One for $650, and one really high end one. So we had to make an executive decision. We bought it.

Got the new shiny one home and glad to say everything seems to work ok so far. Just another little adventure in spending time and money to get ready to sell this house. Such is life, eh?

Ok, enough bullshit, here’s my work out, and I lost my print out of my work outs so I was going from memory!

IMG_6326 (2)
From today. 


Squats – set of 10 to warm up, then 5 sets, 5 reps.

Ezy bar curls, 3 sets of 10 reps.

Alternating dumbbell bicep curls. 3 sets of 20.

Cable tricep pull downs, 3 sets of 10.

Crunches, elbows to knees. sets of 50, 26, 26.

Calf raises. 3 sets of 10.








The other night I got a work out after work too. In this one I did:IMG_6308 (2)


Power clean-squats to overhead press. 10 singles.

Incline dumbbell bench press. 5 sets of 5.

Close hand push up feet on bench. 3 sets of 15.

Lat raises 3 sets of 10.

Alternating front raises 3 sets of 20.


From the other night. Earlier this week.



I was not groped by Hervey Weinstein and I am feeling a little neglected..

Hi Bloggers,

It seems like some people get all the attention. I didn’t get groped during an acting audition. He never coerced me or told me I could go far if I was just a bit friendlier, or more ambitious. I’ve even been wearing some really skimpy outfits, but alas, not so much as a sleazy glance.

Ben Affleck, he didn’t even grope me.

And here in Canada, we don’t have a president that has a checkered past with lots of dirt being brought up by Hillary. Our PM is pretty decent.

What am I doing wrong?

Image result for dejected


Today’s Workout – You Don’t Grow in Your Comfort Zone….

IMG_6248I got this quote from a work colleague the other day. I was so impressed by this simple statement that I wrote it on a sticky note and taped it to a wall in my office.

When you think about it, its true. When we are comfortable, when we are not challenged, the ride can be easy and even boring, but its not until we get out of the comfort zone that we really grow as individuals.

So I got up early this morning for a workout. Here’s what I did, It’s my workout C – biceps and triceps.

Bicep curls on preacher rest – 3 sets of 10 reps each, incline bicep curls – 3 sets of 10 reps, tricep extensions on bench – 3 sets of 10 reps, tricep cable pull downs, 3 sets of 10 reps, lying leg raises, 3 sets of 20, 15, 10.

IMG_6254 (3)IMG_6251 (2)

Today’s Workout and Some Words of Encouragement…

Hi Bloggers,

Early starts at work have my alarm going off at 4.50 am so I can be driving to work at 5.30 for a  6 am start. More than a couple of these early starts has me needing to catch up on sleep in the early evenings, so sometimes I find myself in a pattern of coming home, crashing for an hour or three, and getting up for a bit, eating or working out and going back to bed to do it all over again.

I’m feeling generally more balanced these days. Work is going fairly well all things considered. The home life is relatively stable. Separation on track. Gym and exercise are important no matter what your life circumstances so I am quite consistent in my work out routine. Sometimes you get tired, sometimes your muscles need a break too.

I started reading Neil Young’s ‘Waging Heavy Peace’. Its a good read so far. He had a lot of challenges health wise, and his son has a disability. His parents separated when he was young. What’s interesting about that is, despite hardships, he has come out as one of the most influential musicians of his generation. I think that sets a really good example.

Hugs, peace, Namaste. 

Here is my work out that I did tonight:IMG_6247

Dumbbell bench press – 1 set 10 reps 80 lbs, then 5 sets of 5 at 100 lb dumbbells.

Shoulder lat raises 10, 8, 8, using 40 lb dumbbells.

Lying leg raises, 3 sets of 20 reps.

Dumbbell flyes 3 sets of 10 with 60 lb dumbbell.

Bent over lat raises 3 sets of 10 with 25 lbs.


Canadian Thanksgiving… What’s That About?

Hi Bloggers. Happy Canadian thanksgiving. I don’t really celebrate it, not being ‘from Canada’ originally. I’ve been to a couple of dinners and a lot of people go all out with turkey and pumpkin pie etc. It really seems like a borrowed American tradition, and why not?

For me, its a long weekend. I slept in this morning. I watched some adult content on the web. That sort of got my day started. I plan to clean my bedroom, and tidy the shed up as we have plans to sell our house. Outside the season is changing. A lot of trees have lost their leaves, and despite the sun shining today I noticed a frost build up on the neighbours roof.

I cleaned the downstairs bathroom, the one that I use. I took some ammonia and I think I used a too-strong concentration. I could smell the ammonia invading my nostrils and I’m not sure but I think I saw a kind of vapour cloud emanating from the bottle when I poured the liquid into a bucket of water. I had thoughts along the lines of, ‘oh gee, I wonder if a strong ammonia mix could be dangerous in this small bathroom area, I could pass out and be found later on by my kids or something’. I carried on cleaning the walls, because that’s what you do when you push those kind of thoughts to the back of your mind.

Later when I went back into the bathroom I got a whiff of the concentration. Holy shit it was strong. My nose got burnt out or desensitised when I was in there.

So I finished one book last night. I blogged a review of it. I am now reading Neil Young’s ‘Waging Heavy Peace’. So far one chapter down, I like his writing style.

Currently, I’m about to head to the gym for a work out. I’ve been eyeing off my guitar case too. The guitar was a passion for me for many many years. It seems lately that between having a bit of a break from it, and other factors in my life I have had to kind of re-prioritize. It’s as if that higher level creative function takes an amount of energy that I don’t have in spare. Setting things right at work and at home seem to be the priorities for me now, and maybe that’s ok.


Image result for thanksgiving





Sweet Caroline – a book review. Author Christopher Anderson

Hi Bloggers, during my time in Tumbler Ridge I picked up a book that was on the free book exchange shelves. The book was Sweet Caroline. The book is about the daughter of John F Kennedy. Image result for sweet caroline book

So firstly, I’m not American, I’m not that into politics, and I really couldn’t imagine myself getting into a book that was related to this subject – its just too ‘peripheral’ to snag my interest. In this case, I just started reading a free book. The writing was pretty good and soon enough I was quite entertained and interested by the story.

Source – Wikipedia




So I suppose its worth saying, I went to the Kennedy memorial location when I was in Dallas, TX some years ago. Why was that something I wanted to see? Well, as a young lad growing up in Australia, JFK, America and all of that seemed so surreal and distant that it was a curiosity, a point of vague interest. Something really significant happened in a distant land before I was even born. I do recall however watching a documentary, and having my dad comment on whether there was some conspiracy, I even remember seeing the footage of the shooting, and the subsequent shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. Here’s the link to the Dallas museum. Worth a look for sure.

So of course the story was well known around the world. Going to the Texas School Book Repository building, from which JFK was allegedly shot, was a must do in my mind. Now days its a museum and it contains a very good display of JFK’s history, family life, politics and significant events. There is also a large cement structure nearby that serves as a memorial. On the roadway where he was shot, there are two X marks on the pavement. These are the locations where he was actually shot. We dodged traffic to get a photo when we were there, standing on the X or whatever.

Ok, back to the book. Its a good read. Much of the focus early on is about JFK and Jackie Kennedy. The nanny, the kids, the numerous affairs that JFK was supposed to have had. The Kennedy family, the rich kid playground of Martha’s Vineyard, and Hyannis Port. The Kennedy family had its share of fortune and plenty of tragedy too. It seems as if being a Kennedy could amount to some sort of curse based on the things that went on. She was especially close to her brother John, who’s plane crashed at sea in about 1999. I remember being in Australia and getting the news. It was a bit peripheral, and I had no idea which Kennedy had died, or even that it was JFK’s son.

It seems as if Caroline is a very decent person, with a family of her own, and numerous charitable endeavours, as well as being the US ambassador to Japan. I can certainly appreciate why she would be considered very dear in the hearts of many Americans.

I would say this book is really worth a read.