Spiritual Cleansing

Hi Bloggers, today I went for a haircut. In my younger days I used to let my hair get a bit ‘moppy’ but these days its more of a monthly trim to keep it neat.

After my haircut I walked down Broadway avenue. The air was cold and I could feel the cold seeping through into my thin jeans. I had a good winter jacket on but only a t shirt underneath and i could feel the cold coming through. I took my book with me – The Urban Monk. I stopped in at Sharkbucks café. It was busy and there was no spare seating. I crossed the road and went into Museo café.


There were two guys in there. The barista, and some old guy sitting in the corner with his books. Once in a while he mumbled something incoherent. I ordered a medium latte and a Nanaimo slice. It was too sweet!

I had a feeling of calm and contentment. The barista was clinking away noisily. Putting cups and saucers away after a day of trading coffee and slices. Soon a couple of young guys came in and took a seat nearby me. They were talking about music scores and classical movements and acts in different keys. The barista took a mop and bucket and was mopping the floor from back to front.

I had to get going as they were closing soon. It was worth the 8.25 to sit and have a coffee and read a couple of sections from my book. I felt unrushed, with no where to go, and not really in need of anything.

Last night, T bird did some spiritual cleansing of our house, and my daughter, my son, and even me. She had a concoction of herbs that she burned in a sea shell. She used a feather to waft the smokey mixture around the house. She went around each of us a couple of times. She said it was to ward off evil spirits. I’m ok with that. The house has retained a faint odor of the herbal smoke mixture.

So bloggers, there you have it. I’m off to get a work out in. Peace. Hugs. Namaste.


Buddha knows best. Look inside yourself for your calm. 



Broadway Av, Saskatoon, 4.45pm. 
Medium latte and a Nanaimo slice. 





Musings from Sharkbucks Café….

Hi Bloggers,

After finishing Neil Young’s autobiography I got myself down to the library and picked up two books: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff With Your Family (which is a bit of an irony based on my current ‘family’ situation), and The Urban Monk.

Ok, so I cracked open the Urban Monk and have been inhaling its earthy goodness. So there’s a Doctor, and he gets into eastern philosophy and medicine, and does some spiritual retreats and stuff… Ok, I’ve only read a few chapters but already I can tell that it’s having and impact.


It ties in well with the doco that I watched recently called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I’m sure I blogged about that one but basically an Aussie bloke gets into juice fasting and only consumes the juice of fruit and vegies for 60 days, and loses a ton of weight, and goes off his meds due to better health.

Well, Urban Monk follows a much stricter discipline in that its not a juice fast, its a guide to modern living. This doctor has been treating people for what I would call a fucked up modern way of life. 

Just think about it readers, a lot of us eat shit, don’t exercise, work too many hours, try to do to much, feel guilty when we can’t get it all done, are totally addicted to technology (sorry WP), aren’t sleeping well, are in debt beyond a reasonable ability to pay it all back in a short time, and well, a bunch of other shit. No wonder we would be masking it all with addictions, therapy and medications. Life has gotten so far from the basics that its little wonder we are anxious, stressed, overweight, and often hate the jobs that pay for the entire shit show. 

So what’s the good doctor’s prescription? So far, this is what I have picked up:

  • Reduce your caffeine.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Get a good nights sleep.
  • Clean up your diet, stop eating all the processed shit.
  • Exercise. Do weights.
  • Do yoga.
  • Allow yourself the opportunity to rest. Properly. Including relaxing vacation.
  • Meditate. Connect with the breath.


If you are looking at this in the grocery store you are in the right section. 






It’s Friday. That gets a high kick!

Oh yeah, it’s Friday.

Fuck yeah!

You know what I’m talking about!

Catching up on sleep, going to the gym, staying up late, and probably getting some yoga in too.

This is how I feel:

I’m thinking I could throw a few of these into my work out routine. I think I’d look fabulous 😉

Maybe mix it up with a little chorus routine:

Might find something warm to put my #### in?

Just kidding! Kinda hot tho, right?





Gettin’ on!

Hi Bloggers.

It’s turned ‘wintery’ here. Walking around outside at work today I thought I was going to freeze my face off. First day of wearing long johns under the work trousers. Normally its got to be about -20C before I will go to such lengths. In the still air its not to bad, but anywhere a breeze or wind is blowing the cold factor increases by a fair bit. I really feel for the guys and gals that work outdoors all day. It takes a special kind of energy and focus to tough out cold weather all day.


Canada has a new $10 bank note. Looking good there foundation fathers/mother!


Recently I went to one of those Canadian mega chain cafe’s. Jim Shorton’s (or something). I had the chicken club sandwhich. I did get the combo with wedges. I waited patiently or at least I hacked into my club sandwhich expecting my wedges to be brought over, as if they were late coming from the cooker or something. I got up and approached the counter. I was in complete first world despair when the young lady told me that I got a shot of vanilla flavour in my latte, and that some how negated the value of the wedges. I disagree. I think that f’ked the tasted of the coffee, and I didn’t get my wedges! Damn.

I went to this other coffee mega chain – Sharkbucks or something. I got the salted caramel frappachia or something. A warning readers. It’s horrible. I’m down with frappe and good with caramel, but putting a bunch of salt in a sweet drink. Urrggh. It was disgusting!

At this point I realise I’m sounding like a whiny bitch so it’s time to change gears….


Chicken club at Jim Shortons. It was actually quite spicy, which I like 😉


Ok, so what’s been going on for me? I’m getting on! Life has its ups and downs. I feel much more balanced, and content. There are moments when I fear the future, where I have apprehension, concerns, etc. I’ve certainly made some changes – for the better I would suggest. I’ve let go of a lot of fears – that feels pretty good.


Ok, have to brush the snow back before I open the door and get the brush handled scraper thing out. Only need to do this for the next six months! 


Of course, I’ve been working out. I got a work out in today before work. The picture below is from the weekendIMG_6527. I also watched a documentary – Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It’s about an Australian bloke who goes on a 60 day juice fast. Yeh, doesn’t sound very interesting but the guy is highly entertaining, and inspiring. I recommend that you watch it. It has even inspired me to include more fresh fruit and veggies in my diet. I have what I would consider a fairly balanced diet. I eat some junk but typically get plenty of fresh or frozen veggies in too.

Anyway readers, hugs, and Namaste.



Hey bloggers,

I came across this little sweetheart on a cold morning walk recently. I asked her if I could take a selfie with her for my blog. She didn’t seem to mind at all. We chatted for a bit. Actually, I did most of the talking. I can’t be sure but I think I might have put my arm around her at one point. It was a fairly innocent gesture. Flicking through my social media account I thought I saw her #metoo post. I never meant any harm.

It’s been a relaxing weekend. Too cold to do much. It’s been snowing its arse off here.  Have caught up on a lot of sleep. Got a work out in last night.

I listened to guided meditation for sleep on Y-tube last night. It talks you through relaxing parts of the body etc. Last thing I recall is point 13 of 32, relax that point between your elbow and the soft fleshy part of the inside of your arm… Next thing I know my friend calls me and I am woken by the phone call. Guided meditation was babbling about allowing things to be what they are and let go of all our self orchestrated stress. Pretty good advice I’d say.

So I woke up feeling very well rested, very content.


C’mon sweetheart, give us a smile! 


IMG_6519 (2)


So last nights work out: incline dumbbell bench press, leg curls, leg extensions, dips, sit ups, hyper extensions….


The leap of faith….

Hi Bloggers.

Life is changing for me. This represents risk, and opportunity. I will admit that I am a bit apprehensive. This might not end well.

But then again, it might work out awesome!

Sometimes you have to follow your instincts. Yes, there will be scrapes and bruises. My ego has been and will be further tested. Finances will be strained. Some time ago, my ex and I had made a life changing decision, to separate. The only thing being, we haven’t separated yet. Not entirely anyway. We still live in the same house. We are still pretty much full time parents to our children. We still eat from the same fridge.

There was a time when I was terrified of the possible ramifications of major change. I clung to normality and routine. It was comfortable, but it was not inspiring. I’m not complaining about my past or current situation, it is what it is.

Sometimes, you gotta make a change.


Image result for high diver
Current situation…. 




Image result for high diver
I prefer to perform to a crowd… 



Image result for high diver
Those speedos won’t protect you from a scrape on those rocks. 




I was not groped by Hervey Weinstein and I am feeling a little neglected..

Hi Bloggers,

It seems like some people get all the attention. I didn’t get groped during an acting audition. He never coerced me or told me I could go far if I was just a bit friendlier, or more ambitious. I’ve even been wearing some really skimpy outfits, but alas, not so much as a sleazy glance.

Ben Affleck, he didn’t even grope me.

And here in Canada, we don’t have a president that has a checkered past with lots of dirt being brought up by Hillary. Our PM is pretty decent.

What am I doing wrong?

Image result for dejected


Canadian Thanksgiving… What’s That About?

Hi Bloggers. Happy Canadian thanksgiving. I don’t really celebrate it, not being ‘from Canada’ originally. I’ve been to a couple of dinners and a lot of people go all out with turkey and pumpkin pie etc. It really seems like a borrowed American tradition, and why not?

For me, its a long weekend. I slept in this morning. I watched some adult content on the web. That sort of got my day started. I plan to clean my bedroom, and tidy the shed up as we have plans to sell our house. Outside the season is changing. A lot of trees have lost their leaves, and despite the sun shining today I noticed a frost build up on the neighbours roof.

I cleaned the downstairs bathroom, the one that I use. I took some ammonia and I think I used a too-strong concentration. I could smell the ammonia invading my nostrils and I’m not sure but I think I saw a kind of vapour cloud emanating from the bottle when I poured the liquid into a bucket of water. I had thoughts along the lines of, ‘oh gee, I wonder if a strong ammonia mix could be dangerous in this small bathroom area, I could pass out and be found later on by my kids or something’. I carried on cleaning the walls, because that’s what you do when you push those kind of thoughts to the back of your mind.

Later when I went back into the bathroom I got a whiff of the concentration. Holy shit it was strong. My nose got burnt out or desensitised when I was in there.

So I finished one book last night. I blogged a review of it. I am now reading Neil Young’s ‘Waging Heavy Peace’. So far one chapter down, I like his writing style.

Currently, I’m about to head to the gym for a work out. I’ve been eyeing off my guitar case too. The guitar was a passion for me for many many years. It seems lately that between having a bit of a break from it, and other factors in my life I have had to kind of re-prioritize. It’s as if that higher level creative function takes an amount of energy that I don’t have in spare. Setting things right at work and at home seem to be the priorities for me now, and maybe that’s ok.


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Source https://eastmountainapt.com





200 followers on WP. Thank you all so kindly!

Hi bloggers, it seems 200 lost souls have found a sort of a bit of a home in my crazy world!

I love to write, I love to share my quirky view of the world. I’ve been through quite the journey and I have to say that WP has been quite therapeutic for me and a welcome respite from “real world bullshit”. So, cheers, thank you, hugs, Namaste.

200 Follows!

My daughter’s 12 today.

HI Bloggers,

My wonderful daughter turns 12 today. Twelve years ago I was at a country town hospital – Biloela in Central Queensland. My wife had been in labour over night. She was born in the morning – around 7 am. I was the first person to hold her, except perhaps for my wife. I remember I cried tears of joy. I was so happy. I called my sister and my parents and I told them about our new baby girl. I was happy and recall trying to talk clearly to my sister but being kind of choked by happy tears – if that is even possible.

We have our moments, my daughter and I. She’s growing up to be a young woman. Sometimes I hardly recognise her. She’s beautiful, and sweet and all the things I could hope for.

Glad to share this with the world today.


IMG_0156 (2)
I had to take her shopping to get this hug!

With her mom.

Today, down by the river. It was nice day.