Morning wood 3 – tension and release.

** Explicit adult content. ***

Hi Bloggers,

On the weekend, I had the opportunity to sleep in. An unhurried relaxed kind of a wake up that allowed me to lie in bed for an extended time. Sleeping alone, I get the opportunity to touch myself whenever I feel the need. On this morning, I had that need. 

I started with putting my hands into the waistband of my shorts I had on. Just a simple kind of tease to get things started. I squeeze or two. Feeling my balls like a pair of grapes in a super soft expensive leather pouch. I like to hold them, cup them for a while.

Soon enough, my erection is full and sensitive. My mind goes through a familiar routine of fantasy and fact. Sometimes I hone in on a theme, and often times my mind does a kind of a roulette wheel of sexual imagery that can change and morph as the chemicals in my brain do their thing.

My thoughts become wicked, uncontrolled beasts of lust. There are no barriers here, there is no judgement, just my mind running wild as I stroke my cock at a moderate pace. I think about how good my little gym hot shorts feel to wear, with my man thong. I think about getting a blow job, with the warm wet mouth working over my bulbous head and down the shaft, with saliva running down to the base of my cock.

I think about wearing skimpy speedos and flipping my cock out over the band, with it buried in a hot warm pussy and her hands on my arse. At some point, my erection subsides and I feel a sense of frustration, loss, and the intensity dies off. I wonder if I will be able to cum??

I tell my self to relax, be patient, the reward will be there if I allow the experience to unfold. I go back to my plethora of fantasy scenarios. I imagine a gang bang, I imagine sharing a woman at a lake cabin with a few buddies, where she gets fucked constantly for hours while we relax and sip beers, recovering and waiting for our turn to go back and load our cum into her once again.

At some point the tension is too much and I feel the onset of orgasm. I thrust forward in my hand and let out a groan. Soon after I release a load of hot cum into a waiting tissue. Some of the fluid escapes and drips onto my lower torso. I feel the warm slippery fluid between my thumb and fingers. I have to clean up a bit. A warm flush of hormones washes over me and I feel relaxed and calm. What a great way to start the day!


Double Barrelled Erotica. Lisa and Dave.

As per last time, and the previous, my lady friend took the female role, and I took the male role. Fun stuff indeed! Enjoy.

Lisa’s Story

 I had started running in the spring of the year before after a tough breakup with a man I had dated for 5 years left me with a lot of time and a few extra pounds.  I had started slow, and alone; the thought of sitting by myself in my apartment propelling me most mornings out into the predawn light for a few miles of shuffling.  At that time I hadn’t called myself a runner; I hadn’t even told anyone of my new hobby.

 One morning I woke with the impulse to shake it up a bit; and after my jog stopped by the central park coffee shop to check the board for running group invites.  It was full of them.  For the next few months I would pick whatever group fit my schedule, making a few friends along the way.  Time and the pounds melted away.  The rhythm of my life suited me just fine and I grew to enjoy my time alone. 

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 I was sitting on a bench stretching one morning after my run, soaking in the sun and thinking about my day when I saw him for the first time.  He walked with a bounce that was both athletic and charming in a childlike way.  It relayed an excitement to his physical being that was also apparent in the way he gazed around, engaging the people around him through his eyes or with a few words of greeting.  He was captivating to watch. 

 As if by magical command he turned to me and smiled closing the distance between us with a few long strides.  As he stood over me I breathed “Hello.”  I realized I was staring at his mouth; wondering what a kiss would feel like.  I blushed slightly and as he returned the greeting with a warm smile and he asked if he could sit.

 I noticed, when the breeze blew his shorts were pressed against his body and I got a tantalizing peak at the curves of his package. He had an athletic form and I was impressed with his chest and bicep development. Not crazy big – just a very fit looking guy. I was all systems go and all of my senses were locked on to this target. I felt a tingle in my womanly parts.

 We chatted easily for the next few minutes about that mornings run, the new trainer that was leading it, and the upcoming races.  I was very conscious of his body and the way he used his hands to talk.  The light banter only increased my interest; I wanted to learn all about him.  His perspectives were smart and quick witted, and he had a slight accent, New Zealand perhaps, it was hard to tell.

 I felt almost foolish when he got up to leave, I expected him to take me by the hand and walk me home.  I had never presumed that from a man before.. I had always waited for them to make the first move.  But this was more that an expectation; it felt like that was the natural next thing to do. So I was surprised and disappointed when he walked away.  I couldn’t wait for next Saturday, and hoped for a chance to see him again! Damn, I was left feeling extra horny all day.

 Central Park NYC. The Skyblue Skyvacious Skylark lives in a blue park similar to this one.:

 Dave’s Story

 I saw her in the morning sunlight, stretching on a central park bench. The light played on her auburn hair, and when she looked at me she had a slight smile she was trying hard to suppress. She had dimples in her cheeks and was cute as anything. I chatted for a while, and we made small talk.

 I can’t be sure but I think she liked me. She kept running her eyes down over my chest and torso. She had a kind of innocent atmosphere about her but at the same time she seemed to express a kind of hunger of sorts, I couldn’t really put my finger on it.

 When she leaned over tie her shoelace, it noticed the cleavage of her creamy white breasts resting on her knee as she reached for her laces. That’s when I really started to take notice. She had lovely curves, I could make out the curve of her hips and she had these well proportioned legs. She was no Barbie doll, she didn’t have the height, it was more of a well laid out petite package.

 I hope I wasn’t being too obvious in perving at her gorgeous body, I think she might have noticed me checking her out but she didn’t seem too concerned. At several times during the conversation she took her tongue and played with it in the corner of her mouth. It was really turning me on. When I had run out of things to say, I told her I’d be looking out for her, and asked if she wanted to grab a drink some time or take a jog around the park.

 I jogged on for a bit, then stopped. I could not get this woman out of my head. I tentatively returned to the spot where I was talking to her, and I caught her figure walking down the pathway. I couldn’t help myself. I followed at a distance, hoping she did not spot me. The way she walked was intoxicating. Each step was poetry in motion. The way she flicked her hair, and how the little running shorts on showed her awesome arse and legs. She had a kind of a wiggle, more of a rhythm, when she walked that made for some absolutely awesome viewing. I felt like a complete pervert but I could not take my eyes off her.

 When I got home, I took some time to myself. Showered, and laid on the bed, naked. I got into some nice clean sheets and took the time to just relax, my manhood growing to its full potential. I just kept thinking about this gorgeous woman in her little running shorts. I took my cock into my hand and I made slow gentle stokes, thinking about her lips, her legs, her running shorts, that beautiful cleavage. Soon enough I reached that point where I released my load in a wonderful sensation of relief. I can’t wait for my next jogging adventure!



Double Barrelled Erotica, Beth and Steve.

As per last time, my lady friend 😉 wrote from the female’s role, and I took the male side of the story. Enjoy!

Beth’s Story

 I had woken extra early to get some writing done before the sunrise yoga class and was feeling relaxed as I shopped for a few items on my way home from a invigorating practice.  The tiny grocery was always fun; although small you could tell the owner took great pleasure in food and you could always find something new to try.

 Lost in thought trying to pick a sauce from the varied choices, my attention was alerted someone behind me.  I turned slightly and saw a tall fit man staring unabashedly at me; his gaze was a bit to familiar and slightly unnerving.   

 After finishing in the store I made my way down the sun dappled sidewalk; the smell of coffee filled my senses!  I had given it up for lent and with the passing of the 40th day the day before I was savoring a hot au lait.   As if a sign from god a coffee shop appeared.

 Sitting waiting for my order, I noticed the man I had seen from the grocery come in.  As he ordered I was able to take in his full form, he was tall and very athletic, and he was wearing clothes that showed his form just right!  It was a bit of wicked fun to watch him order his coffee and move to a table to sit.  As he sat down he looked up unexpectantly and his gaze caught mine.  I felt a charge run though me and although my instinct was to look away; I couldn’t tear my eyes away.  A warmth filled my body and all at once I felt a rush of tension and need.

 New York City's 11 Best Coffee Shops #refinery29

He sat at the table over and I couldn’t help but watch him.  I tried to focus on my magazine, but found myself turning the pages without reading a word.  My senses where hyper focused on the handsome stranger.  I took in the curve of his mouth, his square cut chin with just a little day before stubble, broad shoulders tapering to a V, then full powerful legs encased in tight black lycra.  He was pure eye candy.  All the sudden he got up and strode toward me, I immediately felt guilt and excitement as he passed my table dropping a napkin with his name and number on it!  As I heard the café door jingle open I had to laugh to myself.  I sent a quick text, left some change and made my own exit – tossing his number in the waste bin by the door as I left.

 At home I climbed the stairs to my third floor flat, all the sudden a feeling of excitement washed over me as my cell phone buzzed in response.  As I climbed the stairs I glanced down at the text and giggled to my self as I received a positive response to my earlier text.  As I slipped the key in my door I was shocked to feel a hand on my waist and let out a little gasp of surprise.  I felt a hand over my mouth and I let out a muffled scream. I was in a state of panic and wanted to cry out for help. The man behind me closed his hand over mine to open the door and pushed me inside.  The room was dark as I hadn’t opened the shades before leaving in the early morning darkness and all the sudden I felt the weight of a man pushing me down to the floor.  He had me from behind and I dropped to my knees as he pushed his hips into the small of my back. I could clearly make out the feel of an erection pressing against me.

His hands seemed to be everywhere at once, but instead of felling scared I felt surprisingly aroused. He grabbed at my clothes and I could feel him peeling my yoga tights off but only as far as he needed to expose my butt and pussy. I could feel him grappling with his own clothing and with one hand he drew his waistband down and his cock was freed from the constraint of the clothing. He explored my body with his hands and mouth, seeming to taste every part of me.  

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I should have been on the edge of panic but in fact I was about as horny as I had ever been. He turned me over in one fluid movement and tore my pants off my legs. I was lost in the sensation when I felt a hard push between my legs and his weight on top of me.  He held his hard cock in his hand and seemed to fumble while trying to penetrate me but in a moment he rammed it with enough force to create a minor tearing sensation. He thrusted slow and rhythmically to start but it quickly escalated to a hard fast fuck that led me to the edge and over within a minute.  I let out a moan of deep pleasure and bucked to meet him as he growled a low satisfied reply pumping into me over and over until his muscles relaxed and he fell on top of me. 

 Somewhere in this heady mix of rough force fucking I recognized, this wasn’t the stranger from the café, this was my fucking husband! I made my way to the bed.  I was so turned on I took a few moments to rub my pussy vigorously, all the while imagining it was that hot athlete from the café. I came my brains out, with my husbands stuff inside me and wishing it was the handsome stranger’s. I think I may have dozed off because the next thing I heard was the baby cooing softly..  just waking from her morning nap.  I wrapped my arms around my husband and gently stroked his earlobe til he woke.  I smiled to myself as I thought of the stranger .. if he only knew what he had made led me too!  Thanks goodness for hot strangers!

 Steve’s story

I had just come from my morning jog. I had my full length man tights on and a fitted technical shirt with some overpriced runners. I caught my reflection in some of the shop windows and felt pretty good about the way I was looking. Fit, handsome, late thirties, separated. Pretty much the kind of cougar bait the women of NY tend to hunt. These running tights I had on emphasised the shape of my thighs and butt, and damn, they felt nice to wear. I was listening to some Dire Straights on my run and was feeling pretty good. Just that chill Sunday morning vibe, a little exhausted from the run but I had an inner glow. I went into the tiny grocery store thinking about what I might get for a late breakfast. Maybe some bacon, a bagel? I had eggs in the fridge, maybe I’d do one of my scrambled egg specialties. 

 Jogging around sea wall at Stanley Park...feeling pretty sexy in my new jogging outfit.:

I came around the next isle and that’s when I saw her. There was something about her. She was decked out in Lulu yoga pants and one of those fitted ladies jackets. All her curves were on display. I lingered for a moment over some pasta that I did not need while I checked out the curve of her arse. The Lulu’s were dividing her luscious ripe butt cheeks in the most delicious way. Looking down from her gorgeous butt, her shapely thighs were finely muscled and those gave way to some cute calves just as the yoga pants flared to the heel. Here upper body was also well put together. I could see that she had the shoulders of one of those Crossfit chicks. I couldn’t see her front side but I got a pretty good idea from the rear that this was one hot woman. 

 While I was staring she pivoted on her heel and took a new position with her butt sticking out into the isle and one foot with heel on ground and hands pressed on that knee. I now had a side view of her. I quickly looked away just as she ran her hand through her hair over her ear. You can tell when women are seen being looked at and they always play to the viewer. I felt a little tingle in my cock and I could feel my morning erection being invited back. I made my way down the isle and took my time browsing at shit that I didn’t really need. I could see that she was also ‘working it’ and moving her body in various positions while she read labels on products from different shelves. She glanced over with a kind of smirk and I suddenly felt kind of shy. I was feeling very, very horny.

 She finished her shopping and headed to the checkout. I was about ready to burst and for a moment I thought about going into the rest room and rubbing one out while her memory was still fresh in my mind. Soon after I finished my shopping and went to the checkout, my mind still lingering on her gorgeous form. I left the store and with a spring in my step, and a slightly larger bulge in my tights I took off down the street. I was going past my favourite café when I noticed her through the window, she had taken one of the tables inside and was waiting for a coffee. I thought this was a good chance and I stopped, turned and walked inside.

The door had one of those bells on it and this got her attention as I opened it. I walked over to the counter to order a coffee. I now had my back to her and I could imagine her running her eyes up and down my body – they way women do and they rarely get caught. When done with my order I took a table in the corner. I had a full view to the lovely lady. She was sitting facing not directly to me but more towards the outside street. I was looking at the way she had her legs crossed such that I could see one thigh draped over another, and had a tantalizing view of her inner thigh leading up to her butt.

She ran a hand over her leg and that hand then slid upwards on the outside of her thigh towards her butt. I could tell that she was charged with the same excitement as I was. She ran her hand through her hair and tilted her head slightly to show me her neck. For the next fifteen minutes I continued to glance over at regular intervals while she crossed and uncrossed her legs. I could almost smell her delicate aroma, and feel the soft firmness of her body. I took a piece of paper from the café desk and wrote my name and cell number and dropped it on her table, and walked out.

I went to my loft, and threw the groceries on the table and sat on the lounge. I was so horny I was shaking like in a testosterone buzz. I took my cock out from my tights and stroked it, slowly at first then with more pace and vigour as I imagined what I could be doing with that hottie. After a short time of furious stroking I let out a cry of ‘ooohhhhgggghhhh’ and released a load of hot cream into a waiting tissue. Jesus, that was hot.




Cassie and John. An erotic fiction. Double Barrelled Erotica.

This post contains explicit sexual imagery, for adults only.

So I created this story with a female writer friend, she took the female character, and I took the male, hope you enjoy!

Cassie’s Story

 The day had started hot.  The week prior had been sunny and clear so it was no surprise that the heat was overwhelming in the small church that Sunday morning. 

I could feel the drips of sweat trickling down my body as I sat half listening to the Ministers voice droning on.  The sermon was long and tedious and I focused on each drip as is slowing moved along my backbone to the waist of my dress.  As each drop found its landing spot I would sit forward slightly to allow the air to move across my back, creating a mini cool spot that while it only lasted a second was refreshing and made me feel amazingly aware of my own skin.

Love photos of old churches:


I had woken that morning feeling a charge of sexual energy. My body had an awareness of its own, a tingle of excitement coursed through my nether regions that I could neither explain nor wanted to suppress, even though it was oddly out of place in the current environment.

 As I wiggled forward one more time I heard a snort behind me.  Looking back over my shoulder I saw a tall dark haired young man grinning at me.  He had an athletic body, my eyes took the opportunity to glance over his smile, then his muscled chest in that fitted shirt, and down to his crotch. He had blue jeans on. Tight, and when I looked down I could appreciate his form as his package rested proudly in those jeans. I felt a flush of embarrassment at my shamelessness. I smiled back and immediately felt the heat of a blush rising up from my tummy to the top of my head.  I quickly turned back to the minister and focus on the words he was saying as best I could.. my mind kept slipping back to the mans eyes and white toothed grin. I had a flash of something obscene, primal, and wild through my mind – the kind of thought that good girls aren’t meant to have.

 After the sermon, the congregation gathered in the basement dining hall to dine and share fellowship.  I took my place among the mothers and wives in the kitchen helping to serve food.  It was busy but I searched the room as often as she was able looking to see if the young man was there.  I saw him once and he smiled at me again, then got up and walked out of the room.. Confused by his rapid departure, I  barely heard one of the woman asking me to run to the storage room to get more napkins for the tables.

 The storage room was located a level down and it was much cooler than even the basement had been.  It had that cool wet dampness that smelled earthy but clean at the same time.  As I dug around the shelves I crouched down to find the napkins. I felt a little giddy about the fact that if my legs were oriented this way, someone would get a peak up my dress. I heard a noise in front of me. I looked up to find the young man standing directly in front of me, smiling. I can’t be sure, but those tight jeans seemed to indicate something sinister was up as he was filling them in the front rather well. I smiled back and without a word, as I stood, he leaned forward and kissed me. I pulled back surprised but felt the warm wave of a blush rushing up my body.

 He held my gaze and we said hello to each other in unison then both laughed at the shared action.  He held my gaze and nodded his head yes slowly, for some reason I didn’t understand, but I nodded yes back.  His answer to my yes was to lean forward and kiss me deeply.  I opened my mouth slightly and his tongue slide into my mouth.  He tasted of mint and peaches, and his lips and mouth were surprisingly cool.   He moved a step closer and put his hand on my hips pulling me to him.  His right hand fingers walked down my dress pulling the hem up as his hand moved.  His left hand rested gently on my breast pinching the nipple between his thumb and finger gently at first but with increasing urgency. I felt a rush of need as his hand pulled the dress hem up the last bit and his hand came to rest on my thigh. 

 old church pews:

He moved his fingers slightly feeling the soft coolness of my skin, the curve of my hip and then moving around and cupping my ass tightly.  I leaned into him, moaning slightly. He unbuttoned my blouse and pushed the camisole aside to expose my breasts, rubbing them all the while and pinching the nipples playfully.  He pulled back from our kiss and looked in my eyes again. I nodded yes, and he moved his hands to the tops of my panties and pushed them down over my slight hips till they fell to my ankles.  I stepped out of the and as I raised my leg he grabbed me at the knee holding my leg up with one hand and pulling the dress hem up around my hips with the other.

I reached down and unbuckled his pants .. looking into his eyes the entire time.  I  unbuttoned and unzipped his pants in a quick movement, pushing the dark blue jeans and boxers down until his hard cock sprung free. His cock was beautiful. Like a perfectly sculpted tool of pleasure. Shiny and bulbous, I noticed some pre-cum oozing from the glans, glistening in the dim light of the basement cellar.   

 I took his cock in my small hand and rubbed it slowly.  He moaned with pleasure; pulling my leg up higher.  He reached between my legs and felt the hot wetness of my pussy pulsing under his fingers. I let out a little sigh and felt the first wave of a tiny orgasm as he fingered my sex. Once again I nodded and he thrust forward into me with one push.  I cried out slightly, and he reached and covered her mouth with his hand. His cock was big, bigger than the other boys I’d been with, and I felt the stinging of the stretch as he entered my body.

 He moved slowly at first and I arched against him and a slight slapping noise was made as our bodies joined and a sucking noise as they pulled apart the only sound coming from the corner of the storage room that we stood in.  His cock pushed into me again and again, each stroke increasing the intensity slightly.

 He pulled out and put both his hands on my shoulders pushing me down to my knees, all the while looking at him for guidance. I didn’t really know what was going on, like I was acting on instinct alone. As I kneeled before him he took his pulsating cock in one hand, and with the other opened my mouth, and with a slight thrust moved his entire cock into my mouth. At first it was a shock. The fullness of it. It was both highly erotic and mildly uncomfortable. I could taste his sweet juices.   

 I gagged slightly as I moved to find the right spot, and once I had I moved my head and mouth up and down forcing his cock deeper into my throat with each thrust.  It seemed to be getting easier, and the look he had on his face said he was lost in heaven. He moved my hands to cover his ass and increased the depth of his thrust into my hot wet mouth until I started to quiver and called out with a moan.  I was overcome with lust and even though there was no stimulation to my pussy I felt a wave of an orgasm built to a crescendo.

 The young man bucked and grunted and seemed to be possessed by some other force. He thrust his hips all the way forward in some sort of reflex action and gave a guttural suppressed grunt as his cock seemed to grow to a new hardness and he released a load of hot cum into the back of my mouth. My first taste of sweet man-nectar. I could feel the warm spread of hot cum in my mouth and trickle down my throat.  Some of it had escaped my lips and ran from the corner of my mouth. I took one of the napkins I had came to collect to do a little cleaning up.

 I continued to look up at him and as he finished he pulled me up from my knees and kissed me hard on the mouth.  We smiled at each other as we put our clothes back in place.  I grabbed the napkins from the shelf and walked upstairs to finish the meal.

 John’s Story

 Being a young guy, my cock always seems to be getting hard. Scanning around the room at church, looking at the pretty young things, I can’t help but appreciate the beauty in some of the girls at my congregation. When we arrived that day, I saw the Smith’s girl – Cassie arriving at the church doorway. She looked radiant. She had this summer dress on that was probably a little racy for the gathering, but it was subtle enough to get away with it. The material was so light, and in the breeze it kind of clung to her body giving away hints at her gorgeous curves. Her thighs were long and slender, and her skin was golden brown. The dress came down to about mid length on her thighs, and a row of buttons on the front gave some tantalizing hints at the treasures inside. I could make out the outline of her g-string and I could hardly keep my eyes of this gorgeous thing, and I could probably say the same for the rest of the congregation.

 I had a confidence, some would say cocky arrogance. The girls seemed to be drawn to me and despise me at the same time. Some of them couldn’t keep away, and some I’d rather not bother with. Cassie however, was different. She was the grand prize. I’d been lusting after her for six months, and my glances at her had provided enough spank-bank material to release a few loads of mine in private moments in the past. I’d seen her at the swimming pool at the carnival meet two weeks before, and looking at her beautiful form and the way her high cut swimmers wrapped around her pussy drove me insane.

 By chance, that day, I got a seat directly behind her. I could drift off into some fantasy land as I drank in the view of her gorgeous brown shoulders. She looked back at me once or twice and I’m pretty sure she snatched a quick peak at my jeans. Later on, I was bored as shit as everyone milled around after the service. The usual banter about god and grain prices failed to interest me in the slightest. I made a game of spying on Cassie. She moved with such grace. I stalked her like an animal, while trying hard to be not-noticed in my game of cat and mouse. At one point she was leaning over one of the tables talking to her aunt. I was at ¾ view behind her across the room. Her dress rose up to the top of the back of her thighs. I felt a rush of blood to my cock. I was mesmerized. I could make out he small of her back and the line between her back muscles. She was an athlete.

 She went downstairs to the cellar. I took my chance and followed her. My heart was pumping so fast. If one of the elders found us down here, I was fucked. I took a sneak peak around the corner, she was crouching down to get a box off the floor. I got a glance up her dress, and I could see the colour of her nickers. Her breasts were full and voluptuous and they kind of spilled out of her top as she leaned forward. I felt a drip of pre-cum emanate from my cock that was already at half-bar. I pulled away, out of view. I hesitated, what if she thought I was a creep? My breath quickened and I braced myself. I came into full view and said a nervous ‘hi’ and smiled.

 Rather than seeming apprehensive, she seemed quite welcoming. I leaned forward and took my chance and kissed her. At first she hesitated but after a moment we kissed again, and then it started getting hot. I pushed her back so she was half rested on the chest freezer. I had a hand on the outside of each thigh and her skin was oh-so smooth. It was like the softest leather. As we kissed I ran my hands over her body. My bulge, in my already tight jeans was now readily apparent. Some of our spit had joined together and seemed to stretch and break as I moved back a bit. I was fumbling with her bra and tits as she undid my belt and opened my jeans. She released my cock and it sprang free as she worked it with her hand.

 I reefed her nickers away from her body. I was overcome with lust and at the same time paranoid we were going to get busted. I lifted her knee up and my cock went searching for her entrance. She didn’t hesitate as she guided me in, and with a gentle push I sank my big hard cock deep inside her. She was so wet. I slid that thing in and out of her, and her head went back in some sort of involuntary move that came natural to the woman in her. I was so fucking horny I didn’t think I was going to last very long at all. I felt a surge, a welling up of my masculine energy and I knew that I couldn’t go much longer, she was just too sweet and sexy and I was so full of energy.

 I pulled out of her pussy and pushed her down by the shoulders. At first she hesitated but then I could see her giving in. I guided my cock into her mouth and she seemed to resent it and enjoy it in equal measure. Those lips, omg, those lips were the sweetest thing that had ever been around my young cock. She seemed to come around to the idea then as she was working it I figured she was a natural. She’s an expert cock sucker right out of the box!

After a while I could no longer contain myself. In a series of movements programmed into my body over the millennia, I thrust forward and let out a muffled groan. I orgasmed, and shortly after I held the back of her head with my hand in a stationary position as one glorious pulse, after another, after another delivered my stuff into the back of her mouth. Some escaped from her mouth and ran down to the side of her chin.

Suddenly I felt a little guilty and sheepish. We got dressed quickly and I headed back to the congregation, with a stupid grin on my face.

Coming Together. An Erotic Memoir

The first time J bird came to stay with us it was an apprehensive and scary time for all of us. There had been plenty of friction in the preceding months since I had come out to T bird that I was seeing another woman. Regardless, there was no denying the mutual attraction that J bird and I felt for each other, and we had expressed our love and lust many times over when we met in various places in North America.

Nude me 4 (2)

J bird is a leggy blonde. Amazing body. Very fit. Incredible wit and charm, absolutely a wonderfully engaging and head turning mature woman. Reeks of confidence, can be a bit hard to handle and certainly falls into the ‘turbulent’ personality type.

T bird is my loyal wife of many years. She’s low on drama (normally), sweet natured, good hearted, petite figured, predictable level headed, and loyal. We have had many years of mostly comfortable and unremarkable relationship times that have been wonderful.

Afternooner 2

We picked up J bird from the airport, I saw her legs first, and said I’d recognise those legs anywhere. We made our way home, and after a little while, we all ended up in the shower. I swear to god I don’t even know exactly how that happened, I mean I was obviously intimate with both of them but this was not some sort of contrived set up, it just happened. The shower was nice and it gave us a chance to get to know each other a bit and settle each others nerves. Hands wandered, and soap was applied, and there was some kissing and hugging and, well it was just very sweet.

Nude me 5 (2)

To be honest I can’t recall that scene turning into some sort of bedroom romp, maybe it did and I suppose I should like be able to recall the first time together in a lot of detail, but the reality is that it was just one interaction of many.

We decided that we were all going to sleep in the same bed. It just made sense. I was in the middle. It was very kind of sweet and innocent to start with. We kind of made out, and things got heated after a bit. They said I was like a 14 year old wishing to get his first feel – kind of nervous and apprehensive. I wanted this bad but I didn’t want to be the bull in the china shop and fuck this up from being too bullish.

Some sensual touching and foreplay was done for a while. Lips placed on various parts, J getting her first taste of a woman, and for me, the chance to feel them and smell them and experience them both in the same place. The two women in the world that I love more than anything, here with me expressing themselves physically.

Initially, my wife wanted me to use a condom, but honestly me and J had been intimate without one for some time. This became readily apparent to T when I was taking her from behind, and J was giving me head at regular intervals. I got to enter T and work her for a while, then J’s hungry mouth would descend over my shaft to pleasure me. Heaven on earth. I felt like I achieved the holy grail when in a moment of unbridled lust I felt the welling up of an orgasm and I pulled out of T and came in J’s mouth, and she dutifully swallowed my stuff.

In other lusty adventures that weekend I was able to enjoy them both at the same time, entering one, then pulling out and working the other, and back and forth, the whole time thinking about the wonderful choice of which one to come inside of. It was a moment of absolute bliss. Sometimes, I came in T, as she was kind of possessive about getting my stuff, but at some point she said, I want you to come in J. So sometimes I did!

At one point, T was lying down and J was straddled over her, they were working each other with their thighs pushed into each others crotches. I was behind J and inside her and my rhythm provided the momentum for their bodies to grind together.  There was a moment when, in an absolutely earth shattering release, we all came, together. I can die a happy man 😉

Afternooner 8 (2)


Expressing your self and sensuality


Lets talk about sexuality, or more so sensuality. The way we feel. The way clothes, and movies, and books, and reading about damn hot adventures on WP feels. Its that little tingly sensation you get in your nether regions. Sometimes its a dream. Sometimes that feeling lasts all day, until you get some time to yourself for sweet release, in whatever form that takes for you.

As a man, I think we don’t celebrate sensuality enough. It seems to me that the ladies have kind of taken sensuality as their own and the mere suggestion that a man could appreciate sensuality makes him less masculine. I’m calling bullshit on that one. I’m taking sensuality as my own, and you should for yourself too. Maybe its a special pair of underwear, maybe its the feel of a pair of stockings, maybe its the light touch of your lovers hands on the part of you that you like the most. Maybe its a massage where you are completely exposed and the massager is providing gentle warm slippery strokes, and you feel the blood rushing to the parts that make you feel good.

Maybe its a swim naked in the ocean, lying in the sun, or wearing some skimpy swimwear, or rocking those jeans that you know you look good in. Whatever it is, take a moment and enjoy the sensation, the wonderful sensation of what is sensual to you.