Me – in a nutshell.

I’m still kind of discovering who I am, therefore I cannot give you a complete picture. So a bit about me: I was born in Australia, and have been living in Canada for more than 8 years. I think that life is a journey, and a learning one, and each day I maybe learn a bit more, maybe make some mistakes, maybe embarrass myself, and do some good things too.

Being human, and being whole means that there are many aspects to me – a father, a son, brother, friend, boss, leader, an individual, an open mind with an open heart. I’m separated from my marriage partner and this is all part of my journey, my story.

I figure that life is short, and is meant to be lived. I think life is about taking risks, chances, and seeing what comes of that, without being reckless. I have given up on meeting everyone else’s expectations, because I will probably disappoint them in some way at some point. I can only be true to my own set of values and try to live a life in harmony with the world.

So I invite you to join me on my journey. Leave your bucket of rocks at the entrance, this is no place to carry them, be free. Enjoy, interact, be entertained, be challenged. Be yourself.