Ma nouvelle Vielle bicyclette

Bonjour toute le monde, it’s been a long time since I blogged here… desole (sorry).

I’ve been really busy with work and life, and I have restored a lovely old bike. It’s a early 70’s CCM, 3 speed. They were made in Canada.

I got her from a guy who just trades old bikes and parts. I thought I was going to have to go single speed hub until he bailed me out with a brand new – unused 1974 Sturmey Archer hub from 1974 (what the ??? that’s just incredible!).

Ok, I hope you enjoy the photos, you might see me out and about on my old bike!

A plus tard!

Elles appelle ‘Vielle ecole’. Calins, toute le monde.

Avant – before the rebuild…
Pendant – during the restoration process.



Pendant encore – coming together.
Je pense elle est tres joli. D’accord, oui? J’aime elle.
Regardez-vous. Viola!

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