Treat – the daily post prompt

Via The Daily Post – Prompt

Treat – conjures up images of wicked sin. At least, it does to me. Have I been a good boy? Am I going to get looked after? Will you take care of me?

Have I deserved a treat?

You hold a power over me. Yet, you wield it gently, caring, tenderly. You can be controlling and sometimes get under my skin, but I’d do anything for that treat.

Wrapped in lace and sensual fabrics, you slowly move your body to give me glances. A hint of colour, a flash of flesh. I am ready for my treat. 

Teasing, caressing, tender touch. Soft fleshy parts mesh with firmness. It’s a wonderfully delicate dance of anatomy. My mind goes to mush, endorphins flood my brain, and I am lost, in your treat.

Look out, honey, I got a treat for you, and here it comes! 





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