Book Review – Unfu*k Yourself – Gary John Bishop

Hi Readers,

I occasionally trawl the bookstands, and this one jumped out at me purely because of the title. The first time I saw it I thought it looked good, but it was a little ‘gimicky’ and I didn’t want to part with the cash at that time.

Image result for unf*ck yourself book

So on a recent two-leg plane journey I caved in and bought it, as I was mostly done reading my other books I have at the moment.

In summary, I’d say that this is a good book. The author is really trying to shake us out of our slumber. Without going into verbatim, I will summarise some of the key messages, that really stuck out with me. I took a pen and made notes after each chapter:

  1. You mind is always talking to you, constantly, and if that dialogue is full of negative bullshit then your subconscious is putting this stuff out or receiving it or whatever and you essentially become the negative portrayal of your thoughts, so become aware of that dialogue, turn that dialogue around and empower yourself to change the message you are giving, er, receiving, to, er, yourself. I know seems crazy but I get it. Try it, please. Try it now!
  2. You have the life that you are willing to put up with. Whether that’s a shitty relationship, no money, stalled career, DUI charge or whatever, you’re there because you are willing to put up with it. The trick is to say I am Unwilling to live with this situation therefore I must change it. Are you willing to change?
  3. Take action, do something, just do it. Thoughts are thoughts, and if you just think about doing stuff, you are going nowhere. Also, do something different. Challenge yourself. Go another route home or eat something different or meet new people. Just take action on something.
  4. Whatever shit storm you are facing, you will get through it. You have before.
  5. Disappointment and upset is often a product of failing to meet expectations. The expectations you had in others, situations you are in, or endeavours that you have started. If you don’t have expectations, you won’t be so disappointed. Doesn’t meet you have to accept shit or abuse, it does mean that without expectations you are free to deal with issues as they come up. You can still plan, you can still hold people accountable, but without expectations, you can experience a situation and deal with it differently.
  6. Success is born out of discomfort, uncertainty and risk. Nothing is certain, so be ok with that.

Anyway its not my objective to reproduce the book! I just think that this guy’s got some really good points. I’m glad I bought the book, and I will keep it for reference, or hand it to someone who I think could benefit from it.

I give this book 4.5 unf*cks out of 5!




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