Book Review – Wild By Nature by Sarah Marquis

Hi Bloggers, another book review for you. This one is by an amazing and inspiring woman who walked from Siberia to Australia over 3 years. Sounds crazy right? Yeah, I agree, but this lady gets FULL credit for having the er, balls?? um, no guts and determination and endurance and vision and all of that.

A lot of the book seems to be centred on her time in Mongolia. It does of course explore the other geographies but I think Mongolia was a significant part of the story.  Lots of open spaces, deserts with blistering heat, and frigid sub freezing temperatures. Lots of cultural learnings along the way. She has a few run ins with nomads and misfits too, but thankfully a mix of courage, bravado and maybe luck sees our girl get the trip done without major incident. Image result for wild by nature book

I really give her kudos for being brave enough to step out into the big wide world. She exposed herself to the potential of disease, thirst, getting lost, robbed, assaulted, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I can’t imagine how scary that must have been being out there in a tent surrounded by wilderness, or perhaps worse people who come by in the night with who knows what intentions?

A bit of an eye-opener was that some people were not necessarily welcoming or kind. That of course was balanced with people who took her in, looked out for her and gave her shelter, food and water. I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than providing her assistance if I came across such a brave and intrepid adventurer.

Great read, great story, I give this book 4.5 yaks out of 5.



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