Hello New Brunswick – a photo essay…

Hi Bloggers, I’m writing this post from Fredricton, New Brunswick, which is on the Eastern side (Atlantic) Canada. The only provinces further east are Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, which is an island at sea.

Fixer upper. This house is very close to the border of the United Grapes. Going for a song. 

New Brunswick should conjure images of moose, lumberjacks, fishermen and hunters. For our American friends, its like Maine, but in Canada. It’s actually bordering on Maine. There is a smallish river (more of a brook, really) between the two great nations. The border post I saw today was a smallish affair. It seemed like a formality, and hardly a well guarded border at that. I could have walked across a train crossing only a few hundred metres from the border post, and probably not got shot at, but I erred on the side of caution.



Proof – I was in NB!


Last thing I need is to get on the naughty list of Donny Trump. Especially after the last little mix up with the ESTA visa waiver system, in which I accidentally clicked one of the radio buttons where you have to answer whether you’ve ever done anything bad, or maybe said something silly about the administration. I got locked out of the visa system, and when I tried to cross the border later that day, I was told to ‘park up’ while I got a stern talking to. Thankfully, they realised my error, done in haste, and I was allowed to enter the great land of the free once again. But that was on a previous trip.


Found a spooky abandoned church. 


I digress, this post is about the Maritimes, damn it! I only have a couple of words to describe this place: Obscenely beautiful! and I mean that in the nicest possible way.


Check the photos out. Of course, you can’t really capture the true beauty on camera, but it still turned out pretty good!


Inside the spooky abandoned church. 



Coming in a clear first in the spookiest house competition……



I found out the house is used as student accommodation. This was in the town of St Stephen. 



I know, I know, just gorgeous. 





Pointed right at you, Maine… USA. 





Canada’s modern artillery battery will keep those pesky ‘merican’s at bay. They have never been fired in anger, though. 




The HMCS Still Haulin’ pulled into port when I was there. It was greeted by well wishers and neglected girlfriends. 



All Done – that would be my boat! 



Genuine NB rope and tie thingy, this is not a prop. 



Sailors unload the precious bounty amid cries of ‘arrrgghhh and arrgghhh’ (said like pirates). The east coast accents are very apparent. and it just works with all the fishermen types. 



Genuine. Canadian. Lobster. Y’all. 



I know, I know. 



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