Spiritual Cleansing

Hi Bloggers, today I went for a haircut. In my younger days I used to let my hair get a bit ‘moppy’ but these days its more of a monthly trim to keep it neat.

After my haircut I walked down Broadway avenue. The air was cold and I could feel the cold seeping through into my thin jeans. I had a good winter jacket on but only a t shirt underneath and i could feel the cold coming through. I took my book with me – The Urban Monk. I stopped in at Sharkbucks café. It was busy and there was no spare seating. I crossed the road and went into Museo café.


There were two guys in there. The barista, and some old guy sitting in the corner with his books. Once in a while he mumbled something incoherent. I ordered a medium latte and a Nanaimo slice. It was too sweet!

I had a feeling of calm and contentment. The barista was clinking away noisily. Putting cups and saucers away after a day of trading coffee and slices. Soon a couple of young guys came in and took a seat nearby me. They were talking about music scores and classical movements and acts in different keys. The barista took a mop and bucket and was mopping the floor from back to front.

I had to get going as they were closing soon. It was worth the 8.25 to sit and have a coffee and read a couple of sections from my book. I felt unrushed, with no where to go, and not really in need of anything.

Last night, T bird did some spiritual cleansing of our house, and my daughter, my son, and even me. She had a concoction of herbs that she burned in a sea shell. She used a feather to waft the smokey mixture around the house. She went around each of us a couple of times. She said it was to ward off evil spirits. I’m ok with that. The house has retained a faint odor of the herbal smoke mixture.

So bloggers, there you have it. I’m off to get a work out in. Peace. Hugs. Namaste.


Buddha knows best. Look inside yourself for your calm. 



Broadway Av, Saskatoon, 4.45pm. 
Medium latte and a Nanaimo slice. 





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