Canadian Thanksgiving… What’s That About?

Hi Bloggers. Happy Canadian thanksgiving. I don’t really celebrate it, not being ‘from Canada’ originally. I’ve been to a couple of dinners and a lot of people go all out with turkey and pumpkin pie etc. It really seems like a borrowed American tradition, and why not?

For me, its a long weekend. I slept in this morning. I watched some adult content on the web. That sort of got my day started. I plan to clean my bedroom, and tidy the shed up as we have plans to sell our house. Outside the season is changing. A lot of trees have lost their leaves, and despite the sun shining today I noticed a frost build up on the neighbours roof.

I cleaned the downstairs bathroom, the one that I use. I took some ammonia and I think I used a too-strong concentration. I could smell the ammonia invading my nostrils and I’m not sure but I think I saw a kind of vapour cloud emanating from the bottle when I poured the liquid into a bucket of water. I had thoughts along the lines of, ‘oh gee, I wonder if a strong ammonia mix could be dangerous in this small bathroom area, I could pass out and be found later on by my kids or something’. I carried on cleaning the walls, because that’s what you do when you push those kind of thoughts to the back of your mind.

Later when I went back into the bathroom I got a whiff of the concentration. Holy shit it was strong. My nose got burnt out or desensitised when I was in there.

So I finished one book last night. I blogged a review of it. I am now reading Neil Young’s ‘Waging Heavy Peace’. So far one chapter down, I like his writing style.

Currently, I’m about to head to the gym for a work out. I’ve been eyeing off my guitar case too. The guitar was a passion for me for many many years. It seems lately that between having a bit of a break from it, and other factors in my life I have had to kind of re-prioritize. It’s as if that higher level creative function takes an amount of energy that I don’t have in spare. Setting things right at work and at home seem to be the priorities for me now, and maybe that’s ok.


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