You’ll find your shit on the front lawn MOTHER F’ ER!

Hi Bloggers,

So last night I was out having a life… you know where you actually go places, and mix with other people and stuff. I received a text from the ex at some point (I still live in the basement at home, currently). It said something about ‘can you get milk’ and or ‘why don’t you answer your f’n phone’, etc. This was accompanied by like 10 missed calls or something.

At some point I read a message that said something like ‘your work clothes and shit is outside in the rain’. ‘Oh, great. That’s fucked,’ I thought. I didn’t really register much, other than the general vibe that¬†she was pissed.¬†

So I came home, and didn’t notice at first, but I glanced over at some point and saw that, yes, just as stated my work clothes were not in their rack. So I had a look out the back. Just happens that last night was a torrential downpour. Like biblical magnitude of flooding rain. And there, in an un-holy pile was all my work clothes, my boots, my gym bag, my sneakers, my jeans, pretty much a whole bunch of stuff.

I was angry. I called her some nasty names. I expressed some frustration. But you know, it doesn’t make me unhappy. Further to that, while I didn’t like it, I dealt with it, and I can even have a chuckle at her and myself. If I let it get to me, well, that would be just stupid!

Still, it’s pretty shit. lol.

Oh, and I did bring some milk home.



If I Came With a Warning Label…. Writing challenge from Braveandrecklessblog…


If I came with a warning label (my entry into the world of WP online poetry)

If I came with a warning label, it would read ‘open with caution.’

If I came with a warning label, you would be compelled to open the container and have a sniff.

If I came with a warning label, you wouldn’t heed the warning anyway.

If I came with a warning label, you would keep examining the jar, unable to focus on anything else.

If I came with a warning label, it would probably read ‘you know better than to mess with this.’

If I came with a warning label, it might say ‘dangerous fun inside’.

But I don’t need a warning label, ’cause if you got anywhere near me, my ex would tell you what a c… I am.