Morning Wood 4. Working the cucumber…

**** Adult content. Explicit material. ****

Hi Bloggers.

So since I am in a different um, relationship status these days (not really single, not really polyamorous, not really married, not really anything…), I have had the opportunity to find myself again.

So a little bit of history/male sexuality if you like. I’m early forties. That’s a golden age for a man, in my opinion. Let me explain why: it’s because I have better control. I can keep it up for an extended period during sexual intercourse. Actually, as much as I don’t like to admit it, sometimes I can even lose the wood during sex. Normally I just need to chill for a bit, and I can get back to it to finish the job. Normally that ends in a sweaty hot mess for me, and the lady is generally well taken care of. In fact, some mornings, I don’t come at all, and can provide extended pleasure without that reflex reaction that causes a man to come.

But its kind of weird. It’s inconsistent. How is it that I can fuck for 45 mins to an hour straight in an early morning romp, penetrating a woman in various ways, without coming, yet I can sometimes stroke myself off and get it done within a few minutes?

If I look back to when I was a lad, I would masturbate daily. Sometimes could be more than once a day. This was consistently the pattern through my teens, and into my twenties. Being married meant that I could indulge in sex on a more regular basis, but I would always supplement with masturbation perhaps a few times a week. I felt that it was different – like a nice alternative to sex. A more personal experience, with myself, if you will.

As for sex when I was younger, it was hard not to come. Many times there was a disappointed wife when I got done in maybe a few minutes. Not always the case, but often enough. For the ladies reading this, the reflex is like sneezing. You can try not to sneeze, but at some point it becomes involuntary. If you are going to come, you are going to come. As a young man, there is no chasing it, trying to focus, forcing it or wishing you could. Its going to happen. As you get older, the reflex sensation becomes less intense, perhaps more controllable, and sometimes even elusive.

So when you are having a lot of sex, its no surprise that you get drained. You don’t have the juice to masturbate much, because you’re getting tapped. It’s a good place to be of course. But that’s not where I am today, and I’m ok with it.

So for the last couple of days, I feel like I’ve had the mojo returning to me. It happens when you are relaxed/content/confident and all of that. Some mornings are just harder, fuller. I woke with a really full cock. I rolled around in bed for a bit. I sleep alone downstairs. I pressed my hard cock into the mattress and could feel a kind of pushing back on my cock from the bed. It felt really good.

I rolled onto my back and placed my thumb and fingers onto the head of my penis. Due to the hardness it felt full and large. I could feel the ridge of the glans standing proudly over the shaft. I took a moment to feel that sensation. The feel of my glans against my fingers and thumb, and the stimulation of my hand on my cock. I worked it up and down gently, gripping the skin on the shaft and sliding that over the head and back down. Its an amazing organ, the cock. A kind of self lubricating system that has skin that can roll over the head. Some drops of pre-come had leaked from the eye.

Pretty soon I was working it a little faster. My mind visiting my favoured erotic thoughts. I have lots of go-to fantasies, but I’m not ready to share the details of those. Soon I could feel a kind of wonderful pressure building. I let out a light moan and using a cloth that I held above my cock I let out an almighty gush of semen in a rhythmic pulse, and again and again. When you come a lot, the pleasure is more intense. It was wonderful, satisfying and relieving all at once.


Image result for cucumber
Source: WikiHow. Disclaimer, this is not my cucumber, or my hand, it is merely a reference to get your dirty minds to imagine my cucumber, in my hand… 


Image result for cream
Cream. For representational effect only. I think you get it. 😉 




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