Hart Lake, BC. A simply beautiful place….

Hart Lake, BC, is on Hwy 97 between Prince George and McLeod Lake – or south of Chetwynd.

Its simply one of the most beautiful places that I’ve visited. Its in the pine pass – a section of highway that runs right through the Rocky Mountains. Its relatively remote, wild, and gorgeous. The mountains that surround it are absolutely epic.

There is a camp ground there if you want to pitch a tent or bring in a trailer.

It’s kind of tucked away, and in a very windy part of the highway, so its easy to miss. Once I found it, I could hardly go past without stopping in. Its very clear, and its very cold. I have run off the end of the floating dock (naked of course) for a quick dip.

Here’s a link to a map for the geography nuts:






This is my daughter, when she was about 3 years old.




5 thoughts on “Hart Lake, BC. A simply beautiful place….

  1. I am an idiot. I saw this pop up in my emails and thought it was totally cool there was a lake named for a favorite comic. Johhny Hart’s ‘B.C.’ The lake IS cool, but I’m still a bit of an idiot! lol

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