Today’s workout….

Wide grip chin ups

Cable cross over chest flyes

Combination lat raises and overhead press with dumbbell

Close hand push ups

Bent over rows

Power cleans to squat overhead press

workout 11 june (2)

workout 11 june 2 (3)

workout 11 june 3 (2)


15 thoughts on “Today’s workout….

      1. Yeah I can imagine it would be. But as I’m not exactly fit (used to be) I will take your word for it lol


  1. Gotta love a combo of bodyweight, free weight & cable exercises! My coach is currenty punishing me with a leg day superset backed up with a set that includes 50 bodyweight walking lunges 😣. I haven’t yet asked if it’s meant to be 50 per leg or 50 total.

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      1. I had weighted lunges in my last leg day program: 12-15 each leg for 3 sets. I think I was up to 2 x 12kg DBs with possibility to go to 14kg but my coach change me up. I do like to lift heavy and sure it’s a bit of an ego boost I guess, but I am trying to shrug that off more as it’s all relative for everyone – as long as you’re pushing yourself to your max then that’s the main thing. There are plenty shredded peeps who lift 1/4 of what I do, but at the moment I’m getting back into building metabolism/burning fat as I’ve been inconsistent for a while so am conscious of lifting max without compromising form.

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    1. I totally missed this reply! Haha I’m not as educated as you appear to be in all things weight training. And, besides, I think I’ve mentioned before that it’s too revealing to post on my own blog. I do realise my comment here is easily linked to me so still risky but I’ll take that chance in order to engage in the convo ☺

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