Book review – How Can I Help? A Week in the Life as a Psychiatrist by David Goldbloom

SAM_3149 (2)So I picked up this book at the airport as a gift to a close friend, and I was able to get it back. Its a good read. Perhaps a bit clinical in places. Sort of stating the obvious really being a week in the life of a psychiatrist.

It was very interesting. The author takes us into the dark world of mental illness. He’s an advocate for his patients, and speaks at lectures and other forums about the stigma attached to mental illness. I think this is very important and noble work.

Through this book, I learned about the three major mental illnesses that persist today: depression, schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorder. Our author works in a Toronto hospital in the emergency clinic as well as an outpatient clinic.

No doubt he’d have a frikkin’ field day pulling the shit that I post apart!

One of the most interesting chapters of the book is about electo shock therapy, or as it is clinically known, electroconvulsive therapy. It sure sounds scary but for the first time that I ever read about it, it was broken down into an understandable kind of description. It made it more approachable, and less like the imagined horrors of 1960’s movie scenes where someone is given a wooden block to chew on while being strapped to a bed and zapped in the head. Despite the shroud of weirdness, it actually seems like a beneficial practice for a lot of people, especially with depression.

If you found my book review a bit boring, I’ve put some pics of myself pretending to read it. Hope you enjoy!

SAM_3146 (2)

SAM_3143 (4)

SAM_3147 (2)



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