Today’s bike ride – a photo essay…

Hi Bloggers,

Today I got the bike out again. We had a rain shower earlier. Actually, it was looking like it was going to be gloomy very early. Before sunrise there was a sort of foggy blanket over the sky. I was thrilled at about 10 am when the fogginess in the sky cleared to reveal a crystal clear blue sky. I even packed my bag for a few hours at the beach.


Soon after that, the clouds came out of no where, started to group up, and later into the day we had some rain. As I was out on my bike ride it cleared and this afternoon is really nice – sunny but mild.


SAM_3066 (2)
Broadway Bridge


I rode my bike down Broadway ave, then rode along the river path. I had a plan to cross on the railway bridge. I stopped for a little ride around the university.


Broadway Bridge



University Bridge



SAM_3081 (2)
U of S architecture, beautiful!  



SAM_3092 (2)
The commons at U of S. 



SAM_3107 (2)
Citizens of the world, I have a message for you…. 


I rested my bike on the grass to get a picture of the communications dish. While I focussed my energy on the dish, the voices in my head became clear and concise. It was a message from space. It seems that I was intercepting government comms between the Trudeau government and Putin. The message was clear – we need to do more yoga, and love each-other. Apparently, I have been chosen to spread the message from the Government of Canada. “Be nice to each-other, for fucks sake.” 


SAM_3113 (2)
This little beauty was installed to cope with the massive increase in volume of SEXTING that is occupying massive amounts of telecommunications bandwidth. There is already plans to upsize this one because, its barely keeping up with you randy buggers out there! 



SAM_3097 (2)
Keeping it Saskatchuwon… Saskatchewin… Saskatchawon… er fuck it. 



SAM_3114 (2)
The Railway Bridge, build in about 1908 or so. 



SAM_3116 (2)
This rickety pathway is the railway bridge walkway. When a train comes, its rickety as shit and shakes around and the train is so close you can touch it. Its very exciting when a train comes. 


SAM_3123 (2)






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