Out on my bike again. Sunny days, too nice to waste inside. A photo essay.



SAM_2990 (2)
I know right? Look at those calves damn it! 

With the sun shining and the long days, I like to get out and ride my bike. It’s something I do a lot in the summer. You have to make the most of the good weather here because this place is under snow about half the year, but when the summer comes, there are a few glorious months where this place is awesome!



SAM_2943 (2)
Just pretend to look at something over there while the camera thing counts down to take pic. 


I slipped on my favourite pair of mid length lycra shorts. No underwear (again). These are quite supportive and comfortable. It feels nice to just wear the lycra shorts and no shirt on a ride. Feels very free. Breezy, nice! 😉


SAM_2950 (2)
My view. 



SAM_2946 (2)
I can’t help getting excited about quality engineering work like this. 


I rode under the traffic bridge. There is a suspended cycling and walking path that runs underneath. I like the lines of the concrete and steel work.

SAM_2954 (2)

The river is running swiftly and it is deep. As the season progresses normally the level goes down a bit. Last year the level was quite low.

SAM_2962 (2)

I stopped down by the canoe/kayak club. Some ladies were training in a dragon boat. Every year there is a big dragon boat race. I will be in it again this year.

SAM_2965 (2)

There is a jetty that has plenty of space to launch a canoe or boat. The river is running fairly quick so upstream paddling would be demanding.


SAM_2969 (2)
I AM confident, damn it! 



There is a trail alongside the river. I rode this, it was a lot of fun.

SAM_2977 (2)

I crossed back over the river on the University Bridge.


SAM_2985 (2)
These statues are real marble, no shit. 


Some of the nicest real estate is on the south side of the river, the views are of the city and they are up on a ridge. Its really nice.


SAM_2942 (2)
Ok, get your bike out of the shed. We’re going riding!