Morning wood 3 – tension and release.

** Explicit adult content. ***

Hi Bloggers,

On the weekend, I had the opportunity to sleep in. An unhurried relaxed kind of a wake up that allowed me to lie in bed for an extended time. Sleeping alone, I get the opportunity to touch myself whenever I feel the need. On this morning, I had that need. 

I started with putting my hands into the waistband of my shorts I had on. Just a simple kind of tease to get things started. I squeeze or two. Feeling my balls like a pair of grapes in a super soft expensive leather pouch. I like to hold them, cup them for a while.

Soon enough, my erection is full and sensitive. My mind goes through a familiar routine of fantasy and fact. Sometimes I hone in on a theme, and often times my mind does a kind of a roulette wheel of sexual imagery that can change and morph as the chemicals in my brain do their thing.

My thoughts become wicked, uncontrolled beasts of lust. There are no barriers here, there is no judgement, just my mind running wild as I stroke my cock at a moderate pace. I think about how good my little gym hot shorts feel to wear, with my man thong. I think about getting a blow job, with the warm wet mouth working over my bulbous head and down the shaft, with saliva running down to the base of my cock.

I think about wearing skimpy speedos and flipping my cock out over the band, with it buried in a hot warm pussy and her hands on my arse. At some point, my erection subsides and I feel a sense of frustration, loss, and the intensity dies off. I wonder if I will be able to cum??

I tell my self to relax, be patient, the reward will be there if I allow the experience to unfold. I go back to my plethora of fantasy scenarios. I imagine a gang bang, I imagine sharing a woman at a lake cabin with a few buddies, where she gets fucked constantly for hours while we relax and sip beers, recovering and waiting for our turn to go back and load our cum into her once again.

At some point the tension is too much and I feel the onset of orgasm. I thrust forward in my hand and let out a groan. Soon after I release a load of hot cum into a waiting tissue. Some of the fluid escapes and drips onto my lower torso. I feel the warm slippery fluid between my thumb and fingers. I have to clean up a bit. A warm flush of hormones washes over me and I feel relaxed and calm. What a great way to start the day!


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