Fear of flying, sort of…..


Flying makes me nervous. Its not the omg the plane is going to crash type nervous, its more of a general being jammed in to a small seat with dozens of other people, and a claustrophobic sensation of having to take that seat and there’s no getting up or whatever during take offs and landings.

I’ve had some moments – you could call them panic attacks. Mouth dries up, chest tightens. Its really unpleasant. I’ve had lots of flights that were not like this, but I’ve had enough to know that I generally don’t like getting on a plane. I also sometimes get headaches, normally made worse if there is a connecting flight somewhere.

But if you are going to travel, to get out and see and do things, this is a reality of our modern times….



One thought on “Fear of flying, sort of…..

  1. I used to ‘talk people down’ when they experienced a pre-flight panic attack, it wasn’t my main job, however, someone has to do before the captain offloads them! It’s common, really common, although most people don’t go beyond feeling uncomfortable. I’ve flown millions of miles in my life and even I have that ‘last words to family’ if I’m flying alone. It passes in an instant, but it’s always there.
    I always say to people either carry a distraction or find one. Nowadays carrying a distraction is easy; phones, tablets, readers and laptops are packed with things to concentrate on. But what if one of those doubts creep into your mind and you are not equipped? Focus on people. Watch them, work them out, create stories and fill the cabin with mysterious characters. Try to avoid hijackers in the scenario! The steward or stewardess who stands giving the inflight brief is a good example. You’re allowed to look at them, in fact you’re told to look at them. Study their faces and body in detail, every little detail. I imagine them naked, but I’m perverted! Once the brief is done and the aircraft slowly starts to taxi out, close your eyes and rebuild your cabin attendant in your head. Before you know it you’ll be airborne and being offered shit coffee and vacuum packed sandwich for an eyewaterimg price!

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