Note to Self – Positive Reflections

So in dealing with the current situation we are all in (life), there are challenges, there are ups and downs, and there are people who help us and people who hinder us in our journey.

I believe, its all about attitude. There are no perfect situations. There will always be aches and pains, or a problem with money, or a relationship that is not what you had hoped for. What matters, is how we deal with the situations that are presented to us.

So I write a lot. Often times those writings are hand written call outs for the things I need to be more aware of, where I need to pay more attention, or what I need to let go of. Often these writings are accompanied by a flow chart, or a silly graph or some illustration that makes sense to me in a humorous or semi serious way. I’m guilty of chuckling to myself at my own wittiness. 

Sometimes those writings are shared with the people that are close to me. Sometimes those writings cause some upset or discomfort, because I may have been harsh, or made people closest to me aware of where I felt they had a shortcoming. I can be very direct and analytical and that can perhaps come out as a directive or shit-list of stuff that might be a bit too strong for the situation – which is often a reflection of my intense feelings about a subject.


So recently I wrote some notes to myself. They are both affirmations of my intentions, and also blunt callouts of my failures or habits. I want to change, and I am determined to remain aware of those important intentions in my interactions with others. I read my notes each day. Perhaps some would see this as a little obsessive, but the reality is that my future is at stake, and I want to do better. So far, I’m happy to say that these notes to self feel like they are having a positive effect.


5 thoughts on “Note to Self – Positive Reflections

  1. The difference between those who achieve their biggest aspirations and those who don’t is how often they goal set. Setting your intentions daily is certainly not obsessive – creating your own reality requires constant practise.

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  2. I write down everything that I want to remember or else I forget or can’t move on to something else because my mind is too full of mental lists.

    Doesn’t sound obsessive to me, especially since you mention you have a lot at stake right now. I would think it is a crucial time to really be focused.

    I will say that in my family, we have a code of loyalty in terms of not publicizing a family member’s failings or embarrassments outside the home. We can address it in private but it is nobody’s business outside of our family. Since interpersonal relationships in society are already so difficult, we figure that at least we have to make each other look good! 😭 So if u are blogging about your loved ones in an unflattering way- I would hope that wouldn’t worsen any relationship concerns.
    For me, that would be a biggie!

    And I also can *perhaps* blow things out of proportion and become over wrought when I’m writing so I have to be sensitive about that too.

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    1. Hi Katya, good points. I try not to get specific about any loved ones shortcomings when posting something. I talk about some of our relationship challenges, but this is not the forum to spout about how someone is not doing this or is doing that. I take those things up with the people I care about.

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