Workout Routines

Today’s workout was all about the arms – biceps and triceps. I did a bit of ab crunch machine in there too. I thought I might like to share a little bit about what I do in the gym. I work out fairly often, I like to go most days but in reality it averages out to about 4 times a week.

Work, family commitments, energy levels, stress, illness, etc. all get in the way of work out time. But the key is consistency. As you get into the habit of exercising regularly, you will feel the want to go. I have been working out for many years. On and off for a few earlier on in life but these days I’ve been consistent for about 9 years.

For the guys who are built like twigs and aren’t getting ahead in the gym, I recommend that you do your homework on what helps to build muscle mass. Check out Stronglifts 5×5. You can find it on FB. We are all different, and I see some guys that just pop with muscles after their first work out after a 5 year layoff. Unfortunately, we aren’t all put together like that. At the other end of the scale is the puffy guy who puts on pounds easy but the wrong kind and doesn’t seem to be able to shake it.

So I’m an ectomorph. Maybe I’m a mesomorph, or at least I’m looking more like one these days. If you are thinking wtf is an ectomorph, its a skinny body type. High metabolism, does not put weight on easy. Don’t hate me for it, but I’ve always been able to eat anything I want, and never ever got fat. But there’s a kind of downside to this. I have to really eat a lot and work hard in the gym to maintain my 205 lbs. One trip away for work where I can’t access the same amount of calories due to eating at (normal) regular meal times and late dinners means that I shed about 5-8 lbs. By normal I mean that I eat all the time, so being constrained to regular lunch and dinner times keeps me hungry, and losing weight. Heaviest I ever got was about 213 lbs and that was recently, but I cant keep it on, and besides, I start looking a little pudgy around the chin at this stage.

So my basic principal – speaking for myself is this: eat a lot, of healthy foods. I pig out a bit on junk but its not the bulk of my diet. Keep it simple. I don’t do protein shakes much these days – they are very expensive, and I can tell you that I have kept the weight on without them. I drink full cream milk, like 3.25% fat. I like to slam two milkshake sized milk drinks a day – I put Quik in there for flavour.

Workouts should be varied. You don’t generally work out the same body part two days in a row. You need to let everything repair, recover, and grow. I have about 6 different work outs that I rotate. I also change them about every 3 months to something a bit different. It keeps it interesting. I used to do the same workout every day, and didn’t listen to my gym buddies, and wasn’t consuming enough food and kept thinking “this isn’t working, I don’t look any different whether I work out or not”. I was so dumb about things back then.

So, here’s the routine. Take it or leave it. Enjoy! Oh, and one last point, if you work out like a girl you will have girly muscles (which are awesome on girls), so you need to gradually increase your weight and challenge yourself to go heavier, but don’t go crazy, I have done some injuries finding the right amount of weight for each of my exercises. You should feel totally ‘spent’ after each workout if you are really going for it.

Workout A  biceps and legs.  Heavy bicep workout.

Dumbbell bicep curls.

Ezy bar curls.

Zane (cross over) curls


Calf extensions

Workout B chest and shoulders.

Dumbbell bench press.

Shoulder lat raises.

Chest flyes.

Arnold press

Crunch machine

Workout C biceps and triceps. Light bicep workout hi reps.

Preacher curls on bench

Concentration curls

Incline bench curls

Arm extenders for tricep on bench.

Cable triceps

Workout D mix up.

Overhead press

Power cleans

Hi step ups



Workout E mixup.

Hyper extensions

Incline dumbbell chest press

Leg curls

Leg extensions


Workout F  

Combo lat raises with overhead press dumbbell

Wide grip chin up

Cable cross over chest pulls

Bent over rows

Push ups with feet on bench

Power clean to squat jerks over head




Book Review – The Taliban Don’t Wave by Robert Semrau

Hi Bloggers,

I’m excited to bring you this book review, because this is a really good book, its also written by a Canadian infantryman who was serving in Afghanistan. Further to that, the author comes from Saskatchewan, Canada, which is now my home province. He talks about Moose Jaw/Saskatoon and other Sasky stuff that I can kind of relate to.

But first, a weird little side bar. I like to sometimes reach out to authors on Facebook or whatever. So I went and looked for Robert Semrau, just to say ‘hi’ and that I liked his book and appreciate his service to country. So I did just that, and I was kind of excited when, some days after I found him, I sent him a friend request, and I got a message.

Image result for the taliban dont wave

So this is cool right? I am on Facebook messaging back and forth with this person, and soon he’s telling me that he’s in Yemen, and in hospital after a car crash, and he needs $1200 for treatment, and the Canadian Gov’t wouldn’t help him out. So, rather than reaching for my non-existent cheque book in my non existent bank account with non-existent wads of cash, I put a few questions to him. Questions that any Sask lad could easily pull out of their arse, such as ‘what was the name of your hockey team when you were growing up’, and ‘what school did you go to, and what is the mascot?’ Well readers, very soon the person went off line. Fucking scammers. Like really? Imagine trying to make a buck out of the story of someone else who has put everything on the line?

Ok, back to the book. The story is really about how Captain Semrau was charged with a mercy killing on the battlefield. The wounded Taliban soldier was apparently full of holes and death was inevitable, and it would appear that morally, this was probably the right thing to do. I’m not judging, I’ve never been to war, never served in the military, never been shot at or seen my friends shot to bits. I won’t give the story away, but my personal thoughts are that while there should be due process, it seems slightly redundant to me that someone should be held to account to this degree (murder charge), while others are being actively praised for battlefield kills as snipers or infantry or whatever. Again, not judging, its just not my thing.

While I thought that there would be more lengthy discussion on the court case, the time waiting for a verdict, the unbearable stress of having a possible life sentence over his head (there were these things), I was glad to read that the story was much more about the experience of being in Afghanistan, as a soldier deployed to assist in training the Afghanistan national army. In fact, the book was almost all about the events leading up to that point, which made for great reading.

There are plenty of laughs along the way too, it would seem that the Captain has a good sense of humour and that really makes for an entertaining read. I picked the book up at the airport on a trip recently and I had it read pretty much by the time I had returned home. Captain Semrau, I salute you.

Book Review – Its Only the Himalayas by S. Bedford

Hi Bloggers, I picked up this book at the library, and I think I had it read after about only 4 sittings.

* Shit I just had to grab the pizza out of the oven, I was so busy blogging that I could smell it but kind of forgot about it, so its kinda well done around the edges. *

Ok back to the book review. Ok, so there’s this chick from Toronto who’s a waitress and she has this friend who has just finished uni as a Nurse and they decide to set off on an around the world trip as backpackers. Firstly, I think this is absolutely awesome, and I’ll be letting my kids know when they are old enough that there is no experience like travel and I will encourage them to do the same. I think it takes an amount of guts and a sense of adventure for a couple of young Canuck gals to disappear into the very bowels of continents like Africa and Asia. Good job ladies.

Image result for it's only the himalayas

So the book is the first publication by this author, which I also think is awesome. A young person getting it done. The book is not too thick (pages wise) so I think this is a good thing too. I like a good quick read similar to how I like a good quick *** stops to cut the pizza up *** .

Ok so the writer takes on a journey that includes adventures such as camping in Africa, visiting a Buddhist monastery in Tibet, consuming a magic mushroom shake in Thailand, having more alcohol than what is really safe or necessary, indulging in airplane sex, getting into a messy threesome, ladies that shoot things out of their pussies, and a bunch of other stuff that kept me snickering along through the story.

I like how the author displays a sense of irreverence, (kinda like me really). She’s a skeptic, she’s a smartarse, and she’s searching for her inner peace, or sense of self, or a pair of dry socks after a rain shower. I also like that the author is Canadian, like me!

Book review – Cabin Porn

Hi Bloggers, lets start by saying this book is NOT what you might be thinking. If you clicked on the post because you’re a frikkin deviate, don’t worry, you’re in good company (along with the rest of the self-accepting world). However, if you were looking for some kinky euro porn, you might have to navigate to some other website. Fortunately for you, there is tons of that shit on the net, so knock yourself out!

Meanwhile, I’m going to do a semi-serious book review, because I do take myself semi-seriously as a book consumer and a blogger.

Ok, so the book: two words: Fekkin Gorgeous. Actually I’m going to take artistic license with this one and add to those two words: inspirational, beautiful, well written, intelligent, well set out, etc. I’ll keep it simple. The pictures are amazing. Really this book would appeal to anyone whether you were into cabins or not.

While I’m at it, who’s not into cabins, or at least romanticising about cabins? I can imaging myself planning one, building one, going out to camp in it.

Ok, even if you are not into cabins (and I cant imagine anyone in this category), you will be entertained by the amazing photography and well written side stories about the history of and people behind these structures.

Without giving too much away, the book is set up in different sections, such as ‘how to build a homestead,’ or ‘how to build a yurt,’ or a simple shelter etc.  Its also nice that you can literally open this book at any page and enjoy the archive of cabins that the authors have put together.

This image is from the book.

These guys even have a website:

Its really worth a look.