The Acoustic Jam at Drift

Hey Bloggers, I’m back. I had a quick trip to Iowa this week. I am super excited to share some awesome pics that I took, but, fek! I left my camera in J’s handbag. Damn.

Not to worry, she’s gonna send the pics to me and I will download them for you all to see.

Meanwhile, I went and played the jam at Drift – in my man tights. Ok, why is that important? Well:

  1. I really like wearing them. They are comfy, athletic, allow freedom of movement, and are, well sexy as fk! 
  2. I like to jam, but, well, I don’t normally combine the man tights thing with jamming or whatever – its normally a jeans affair. I did rock the knee length bike shorts for one outdoor gig, but that was a ‘one-off’.

So how did this come about?  Well, T has always encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and wear tights, or what I like, and this time around J encouraged/dared/empowered me to give it a go. Maybe not a big deal to all of you, but for me a significant step in my uber-liberation movement for men-who-think-its-ok-to-wear-Lycra. I’m probably now in a very small sub-set of a society who actually perform music, in such apparel, and of course its not 1986 and I’m not in Motley Crue or whatever, so that makes it somewhat unique, and honestly, fun as fuck! If there are any others out there, please, give me a high five, but somehow I think maybe there’s more chance one of those radio antennae’s beaming beeps into space and listening for ET’s reply will get a better shot at a response than my call out. 

For a while, T and I were getting singing lessons, and I often wore a pair of long black man tights over to our tutor’s place. Our tutor saw me in them and said, ‘hey do you perform in those?  You probably should’. Actually, I have worn the long tights for a couple of band performances but I don’t do it a lot because honestly, its a bit of a freak out, but fun.

Drift jam 27 apr 4.jpeg
Here’s me, acoustic guitar, and New Balance men’s running tight. Rocking it. 

But I don’t want you to be distracted by this diversion, this visual teaser on your collective imaginations, I’m a sort of serious singer/musician type. But I’m so enthusiastic about wearing my man tights, I didn’t know whether to be happier about that, or singing and playing the guitar, so I guess for me, I had reached a new level of self-realisation. I was just enjoying the moment!

Drift jam 27 apr 5
“No Woman, No Cry – sing along everyone…” 

So again, something wonderful happens when you take a chance, get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and say ‘fuck it I’m going in’. And that is, nothing. What? No, I mean it, like what ever your fears may be – getting heckled, weird looks, disapproving tsk tsk’s, whatever, it just doesn’t happen. People either don’t care or they are just respectful enough to not really bother with nonsense.

So in this instance, I was out of the comfort zone for more than one reason, I fucking forgot my song book. So I pulled up at the venue, got out of the car, grabbed guitar, and oh-fuck, the song book is not here. What to do? Here I am – at the outer limit of my comfort zone in man tights about to go in and perform a few new songs that I didn’t even remember all the words to. I almost got back in the car to return home.

Normally, I don’t use a lyric sheet when I perform, because, well, I left all that behind when I was a total fucking amateur. But times have changed, and now I don’t normally read from a lyric and chord sheet – except when I take on new songs, knowing that I don’t know them that well, and need a little prompter for when I get that blank mind thing when you cant remember how the next verse starts…

But as the pictures serve as testament to my commitment to get out of the comfort zone, I got up, and played and sang my little heart out, after making an impromptu set list from some stuff I know well and some I don’t know so well. How did it go? Well, I think it went well. I met some new people and watched some fun performances. I had a coffee and a beer. All around, it was WAY better than hanging out on the couch watching TV!

Thanks for reading.

Drift jam 27 apr 1
The Set List

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