The Hunters and Collectors – Reminiscing about these Aussie Rock Icons.

Hi Bloggers,

I grew up in Australia. I am a ’75 model so that placed me well to hear a lot of good, what is now ‘classic’ Aussie rock. Of course in an international forum such as this, it is tempting to rattle off a roll call of great Aussie bands. There are plenty, but you will have to take my word for it, because, well, its true.

Anyway, who are/were the Hunters? This band came together when some Uni of Melbourne students started jamming or whatever in the late ’70’s. That would launch a career that kept them very active through to, well, the late ’90’s but they have apparently reformed for some one offs.

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Ok, all that is by the wayside. If you grew up in Aus in the 80’s and 90’s you KNOW what I’m talking about. H&C were a mainstay of commercial radio and video hit shows (like Rage). Like Cold Chisel, INXS or AC/DC you could bet that any time you turned a radio on for many years you would hear them some time.

So I got to see H&C at the Mansfield Tavern in Brisbane. The year was probably about 1992 or ’93. The venue was packed. It was very exciting. I ended up watching the show from front right of stage – right in front of the speaker stacks. I have some hearing loss these days – and I’m sure that H&C contributed just a bit of that.

I went to the concert with my sister, my cousin, her fiancé, and his brother and some other random people. As an indicator, we came from a kind of broad range of lives but everyone was into them. They were just that good. Image result for hunters and collectors

So if you haven’t heard of them, by now you are probably drifting into a state of general disinterest. Why were they so good? Because their music reached into you with a kind of desperate drive that just kind of slapped you and made you groove and held you close at the same time. They combined heavy, heavy bass and groovy guitars with a brass section, and the lyrical content and singing delivery, is very powerful. Very powerful. 

I know this stuff is good, because I have a CD, called ‘Under One Roof.’ It’s their live album. So on my recent road trip to Regina, I put it on. Holy shit. It’s amazing how you can like something, leave it be for a few years, and come back to it and appreciate it all over again. If you are the inquisitive type, and are interested in checking this out, google these tracks: Throw Your Arms Around Me, Turn a Blind Eye, Holy Grail, When the River Runs Dry, Do You See What I See, etc. etc.

If you think I’m bullshitting, ask Eddy Vedder, from Pearl Jam, he covers Throw Your Arms Around Me, so does Neil Finn (of Crowded House) and Neil Young. That’s some big support right there! I don’t think you’re going to catch them live any time soon, but gee, its nice to remember them.

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7 thoughts on “The Hunters and Collectors – Reminiscing about these Aussie Rock Icons.

  1. At risk of identifying myself too much – LOVE Hunters 😍 and the tracks you reference. “Throw your arms around me” will forever remind me of Shane & Angel 😢 so sad.


      1. Absolutely! Shane & Angel were a big part of my life at the time….when I was finally allowed to openly watch H&A (kissing on TV was a no-no in my childhood home for a very long time).


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