Playing the coffee club – Open Mic

Hi bloggers, 1934 Gibson Jumbo:

Following my earlier commitment to get off my arse and get out there, tonight I did just that. I took my acoustic guitar, and a hastily written set list and I played a coffee shop. There’s an open mic every Thursday night and its a very chill scene. I like the fact that its intimate, cosy, and not full of drunks. 

I caught up with a few people I know from the scene around town. I used to jam with a guy who played bass, maybe three years ago now. His wife, Q (now ex wife) saw me there and started chatting. I didn’t know this, but they have since split. I played guitar and sang with her and we did a cover of ‘stuck in the middle with you’, you might know it. Also, I saw my friends S and N. I was jamming with these guys in my basement, with me on drums, S on guitar, and N singing. She has the loveliest voice, and he can really sing too. It was nice to watch them play and sing songs that I saw the ‘birth of’ in my basement some months prior. It was a special moment, kind of poetic how things come around again.

So I played a set, and here’s my songlist:

  • You’re beautiful (my original)
  • Let her go (Passenger)
  • Maggie May (Rod Stewart)
  • All for you (Sister Hazel)
  • No woman no cry (Bob Marley)

I even played guitar for T bird who sang and played the keyboard. It was fun. As we were putting our stuff in our car, T jumped in with Q in her car, and fucked off into the night. I have no idea what shes doing. I hope she’s having fun. I told Q to have her back to me by the end of the week.

So T fucked off in a car. It didn’t look exactly like this one below, but in my mind I can imaging something like this. Last seen with Q, and it was night time, and Canada, and the car was a bit more modern that this old beetle, but whatever.


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