Blog time – random ramblings – time to sing with my guitar.

Hi Bloggers. I’ve been off the computer for a couple of days. Partly because when I have come home, someone else has had the computer to watch Netflix, or do homework, or some other pointless bullshit that doesn’t involve blogging and writing, but that’s ok.

What have I been up to? Well I performed at two jams in the last week. Actually three if you include the one my band hosted last Tuesday. I caught up with some friends at a jam last night, although I didn’t actually jam. I left the house in socks and flops so I wasn’t even planning to jam. Sunday night’s jam was a bit of a mess – we invited a bass player up to jam, and, well, she didn’t know our stuff so it was a bit of a disaster in parts, but, we did it, it was another musical experience in the bag.

Sometimes the band thing, and relying on others is complicating things a bit much. I just need to take a fucking song sheet like the one below, and strum chords and sing it. Simple. 

 : Meanwhile, I got so much out of the jam experience myself that I have decided to get back into it. By it I mean the art of simple performance. Jams are social, they are fun, normally low pressure and most times supportive. I am going to keep it simple. Me, acoustic guitar, and I’m going to sing my little heart out, which is what I really enjoy doing. Forget about the full scale band productions, coordinating musical parts, guitar solos etc. Wait, did I say forget that? No I mean park that for a bit and just fucking get up and strum some chords and sing. Picture below is John Lennon. The astute (undead) blog reader will appreciate without me pointing it out, that it is not Don McLean, who wrote American Pie, featured left.


An awesome poster of John Lennon of The Beatles in 1967 during their visit to India! Maybe he's writing Dear Prudence... Ships fast. 24x36 inches. Check out the rest of our FABulous selection of Beatl: I’m going to create a song list of maybe 20 numbers and get off my arse and get them performed. I’m excited.

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