Stolen. A piece of American history

Compartment 11

We lost something today. A magical piece of history was destroyed in a fire that appears to have been set on purpose.

If you’re an Americana history buff you may have heard of them.  There was also a critically acclaimed  movie based on the best-selling book by Robert James Waller “The Bridges of Madison County” which featured Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood and of course the famous covered bridges.

The locals in the area take great pride in the covered bridges,  which happened to be located in the same county John Wayne  (the actor) was born in.   Of the 19 that were built in the previous century only six of them remain.  They are maintained well and draw thousands of visitors from around the world to the area every year.

It might be hard to understand how magical they are unless you’ve actually seen them.   The large wooden…

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