Double Barrelled Erotica – the Plumber and the Housewife.

Ok, I think you know how this works, I wrote the male part, and J wrote the female part. Enjoy!!!!!!

This post contains sexually explicit material. Adults only.

Double Barrelled Erotica – The Housewife and the Plumber.

The Plumber’s story

It was a Tuesday afternoon. Just another house call, this time in a slightly up market acreage neighbourhood out of the city limits. My boss had been riding my shit, and I had just got off the phone with a moody girlfriend who had some issue with paying bills or something, so I was less than enthusiastic as I pulled into the drive.

I checked the dispatch notes from the plumbing office. There had been 3 calls to this address in the past 6 months. That was kind of odd as this was not a new build or a construction site. I collected my job notes and rang the doorbell. I heard a ‘hold on a minute’ and waited, and waited. After a few moments a lady answered the door. Now, I’ve seen all sorts in this job but I have never seen anything quite like this! She was dressed in a lacy teddy and thigh high silky stockings and heels. She had an opaque mesh throw over and it was not properly closed in the front, plus with the transparent material and the light coming in from the back windows, I got an eyeful of this woman’s amazing figure.

She had shoulder length brown hair, beautiful eyes, and lovely light tan complexion. What really got me was those slender legs. When she stood one of the legs was half exposed from the cover she wore and I could make out the beautiful curve of her vulva where the black lacy teddy covered her sex.

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As she moved to open the door I saw her ample breasts kind of move and swing as she leaned forward to pull the door open. She greeted me with a smile – she looked kind of flushed, maybe a little embarrassed, as she excused herself from her phone conversation to let me in. She gestured toward the downstairs laundry and led me to that room, while continuing her ongoing conversation with the caller on the phone. Again she excused herself from the caller and held her hand over the receiver while she said, um, so there’s some leaks in the piping under my laundry sink, I hope you can take a look and fix it.

So with that said, I took up a position on the floor to have a look under the sink. To be honest, my cock was already rising and I could hardly concentrate on the plumbing. My heart was racing and my face was flush and I could feel a quavering in my voice when I spoke, and I hoped that none of this was showing, as I was trying to be as nonchalant as possible.

There was a hallway outside the laundry, and she walked out of the laundry room. I could see the teddy through the throw over she had on, it was a g-sting back black lacy number, and I could make out her tight arse through the material. My cock had gone to ¾ chubby and I was beginning to get self conscious about the tent I was pitching in my trousers. The situation was so surreal that I hadn’t stopped to think about why she was dressed like this on a mid-afternoon weekday, not that I minded at all. As she carried on the conversation I could hear her laughing, and flirting with the caller, I could make out only some of the conversation. It seemed they were talking about some sort of meeting or planning a weekend or something. Perhaps she was talking to her husband or boyfriend or something?

She kept walking by the doorway of the laundry, making the phone conversation an opportunity to stop once in a while and pivot on her heels to sort of jut her hips out, she was clearly enjoying putting on a show and I was completely distracted by it. I wondered if maybe she was a prostitute or maybe one of those phone sex workers who have to get into character or something. Again, I didn’t really care, I was enjoying the show.

She got off the phone and came to chat to me. I had looked at the pipes, and said they looked like they’d been worked on recently, which kind of matched up with the service records from dispatch. She said, ‘oh those pipes just keep on leaking’. She ran her hand up one thigh and came very close to putting her hand on her pussy, but stopped tantalizingly short. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights, propped with one hand on the floor, and a bulging cock in my trousers. She crouched down to have a look into the cabinet with me, and I got close enough to smell her. I swear to god I came close to cumming in my pants as she rested her butt on her heels and leaned forward to have a look. I could hear her breathing, it was slightly eratic which helped me believe she was as turned on as I was.

She got up and said that she needed to rest for a while. She told me that her husband works away a lot and she spends most of her days in this big house, alone. She excused herself and went upstairs, while I adjusted my cock in my work pants so it wasn’t so obvious. I had to get a wrench from the van anyway so I headed outside for a bit. My mind was racing, I didn’t know what to do. This woman was literally begging for it, but I was at work, and besides, I had a girlfriend. Albeit a bitchy cranky girlfriend who didn’t do shit for me, but still.

I came back into the house, and as I passed the main hall, I got a quick glimpse of her. She was lying on the bed, she had discarded the cover garment, and was lying on the bed, still in heels, with one leg propped up a bit. It was only a momentary glance as I passed into the kitchen and down the stairs, but that image stuck with me. I was instantly aroused all over again. I went back to work – or tried to – and I could hear a soft moaning from upstairs. OMG, she was pleasuring herself. Now, in case you didn’t know, there is NO sound that will arouse a man more that the sound of erotic expression from a woman. It started slow and soft. I made sure to make some banging clanging noises so she felt comfortable that I was working. Soon enough, I heard her fully wail in the expression of a woman in full flight. I was beside myself. What should I do, go up there? What if she tells me to fuck off?

While I was pondering, I heard the sound of heels clicking on the floor. She was coming downstairs. She looked a little more flush, and brushed her hair back with one hand. She said, ‘why don’t you come upstairs and keep me company for a little while?’ At this point, I was helpless. She took me by the hand and walked me up to the master bedroom. She stripped me of my work clothes, and I stood there, naked, with my cock bouncing in full erection right in front of her as she sat on the bed. Her tits were wonderfully supported in the teddy and the thigh highs made her legs look amazing. She took me in her mouth, and her wet warmness was almost too much. She worked my cock for a while, and I almost came a couple of times.

She laid back on the bed, and undid the teddy from between her legs. I slid into her very wet pussy. I slid in and out of her, perhaps only two dozen times, and the buildup was just too strong. I came-my-brains-out into her warm wet womanhood. I slouched over her and was catching my breath, when I noticed a little red LED light blinking in the corner. I asked her what that was. ‘Oh, that’s a camera. I like to have tradesmen come to my house, I like to seduce them, and my husband likes to watch. He works away, he misses me, and this is how we stay connected’. I wasn’t sure whether to be extremely turned on or turned off. I pulled out of her, wiped off, and put my work clothes back on. I finished the plumbing job, and winked as I said to her ‘here’s my card, you can call me if you have any more plumbing problems’.

 The House Wife

 I had set the call up a few days before on another dare from my husband.  He had been travelling quite a bit with his new job, and seemed to be getting more and more edgy with the requests he was making of me.  What the heck, I was bored and lonely so I went along.  I was still a little bruised from the encounter the week before. The electrician that had showed up was new; and he had been very well endowed.  I had ended the recording session for my husband and then asked the man to stay; which he did and then came back the next day when he was off.  I guess what my husband didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him!

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This time I had called for a plumber; he dispatcher that had taken the appointment said that the technician that they would send was young.. Hopefully that meant he would be a quick performer!  My husband and I had a video call that morning; he picked out my outfit and jerked off as I sat posing for him.  I had never realized the power that just sitting and crossing and uncrossing my legs had, my husband would get so hard and come so fast it left me unfulfilled.  But he didn’t seem to notice that I hadn’t come, he was so enraptured with his own physical pleasure.  After the call I had laid thinking for a while eventually drifting off to sleep.  When I woke up; and thought about the earlier call I realized that I had plenty of time before the plumber would be there and laid there pleasuring myself over and over.

 I realized all the sudden the phone was ringing; as I shook my head to gain my bearings I glanced at the clock. Time had flown by, it was time for the plumber to be there; and like clockwork I could hear tires on the gravel drive.  My husband was the caller and he seemed flustered that I hadn’t called him already, so I tried to get him to relax and straightened my “outfit” at the last minute I threw a shawl over myself suddenly feeling shy.

 I was pleasantly surprised when I answered the door, the plumber was young and cute; he looked a little shocked but couldn’t keep his eyes off me; I could tell he liked what he saw too!  I chatted lightly with my husband, and set the man to work, noticing that he seemed very aroused.  I was starting to think that maybe I would keep him after the taping for a little extra fun.  He tried to focus on working but he was also very aware of me, and I couldn’t help but stay close and watch his growing excitement. 

 He seemed a little shy, he was very interested but not making any moves.  My husband reminded me I had forgot to turn the cameras on, so I excused myself and went upstairs to turn the cameras on so my husband could see everything; he had cameras in just about every room in the house, and as soon as he saw the young plumber his voice changed slightly; he seemed to lose interest in the young man.  He asked me to lay on the bed and pleasure myself.  As I lay there touching myself he directed me where to touch and guided me through every move.  All I could think about was the young man downstairs and what he must be thinking.  My husband seemed to sense this and reassured me that the sound of me coming would drive the young man wild.  But I wasn’t getting there, so finally I upped the intensity and let go with a big orgasmic moan, after which my husband told me I could hang up and invite the young man upstairs.

 He didn’t even hesitate and as I undressed him I saw that he was very aroused, his cock was hard and dripping with precum.  He looked so sweet and scared I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him; so I kneeled before him to pleasure him with my mouth.  He was bucking slightly, but didn’t come.   He seemed to have great restraint, so I laid back on the bed and unsnapped the crotch of the teddy opening my legs for him to enter me.  He didn’t even hesitate and within a few thrusts shivered with orgasm.  As he pulled out he noticed the blinking camera light. He wasn’t angry when I told him my husband was watching but dressed quickly.  I was disappointed as he left; wishing I could have kept him for myself a bit; but then I saw he had left a card on the counter with his number!  Maybe I would get him to myself soon! The phone rang; I knew it was my husband calling. He told me he watched the whole thing and jerked his cock furiously while watching me take the young man in my mouth and pussy.  I  hung up the phone and stepped into the bathroom for a shower, then I remembered, I had an appointment with a flooring guy at 4.


8 thoughts on “Double Barrelled Erotica – the Plumber and the Housewife.

  1. The double perspective was great- it was fun to hear the 2 very different voices. I don’t know if anyone else does this but I actually try to “see” the world through the character’s or writer’s eyes- as here how a classy housewife might view a young plumber and how a young man sees the sexy wife. Your writing tells me how a guy might interpret events and what he finds attractive and J’s voice tells a totally different story. J’s character likes to please her husband and can gauge his interest by his voice and it was so cute how she described the shy plumber! I wonder if I could get my spouse to do this w me…I think I would learn SO much about him!


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