Book Review – Born to Run

Hi Bloggers, here’s my book review, and this time, no gratuitous nudie pics to make it more interesting. Don’t worry I haven’t become a prude, I just don’t have access to any thing like that (hostel computer), so you are just going to have to live with the fact that this will be like, a semi serious book review, written as if I am some kind of writer that has, like ‘integrity’ (omg I’m puking in my mouth here).

Whatever. This was a really good book. Maybe it was the best book I’ve ever read, or maybe I am just a bit excited about it, because it was a high quality read.

Breaks to clean up mess in kitchen of hostel. I just took a pasta pot that I was cooking in and tipped it into a strainer, but doh! the strainer was not over the sink it was over the floor. Resulted in my having to mop up that gooey shit that comes from pasta with paper towels. Lol. Fek. —

Ok, back to the book, or more interestingly, how I came across the book. Well, recently, I went to stay with J (my special friend) and her hubby J dog. He gave me the book and started raving about how it was a good read and how there was this barefoot running movement. So at that point, I’m like ‘ooohhh kaaay’, because firstly I’m not that into running (I have done one marathon, attempted another, and done a handful of half marathons, and I used to run about every day, but I left that behind for a life of weights in the gym.. ). Secondly, who the f- runs without shoes? I’ve seen the odd person in those vibram things, and in my apparent ignorance, I said to self ‘that must be really hard on your feet/legs etc’.

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Ok, back to the book. I’m not going to get all quoty and shit, but the general premise/story behind the book is that its written by this bloke who was a keen runner, and had a rash of injuries that I won’t bother to try and name, but they have to do with feet and legs. Ok, I’m not a fekkin podiatrist. Whatever. So old mate is a bit exhausted from feeling injured and has gone to a string of doctors and hasn’t really had his injuries resolved. Somewhere along the line he comes across the story of an indian tribe in Mexico that run, a lot. They are called Tamahumara.

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And it gets more interesting. There was a guy, who was a boxer among other things, and he disappeared into the Mexican hills ten years before, and he ran, like the Tamahumara Indians did. So the Born To Run author ends up tracking this guy down, and it all seems like quite the adventure.  He’s real, and this is the guy, below.

Image result for Micah True Autopsy

But what made this book even more interesting, was how it delved into human evolution. Like a scientist that won’t quit until the bugs under the microscope are completely understood. You have to give our author kudos for sticking to the plan to understand running evolution for humans. I don’t want to give the book’s secrets away, but urge you all, humans, to get this fucking book and consume it.

Lets just say, that, well the stuff in the book is credible and really makes you think, about how, we as humans, evolved to out run just about every other animal on the planet. Yes I know it sounds like a crock of shit, but it really is true, humans were bred for endurance, to wear down their pray. Easy to forget that when us lazy fucks have to park close to Starbucks to get our latte’s. It also tells us that running can be done from early life stages to late life stages, with little drop off in performance.

Also, it talks about running form, how bare feet really does make sense, the foot is arched, and in the modern world we have been running with heels striking first, not so for the barefooted ultra distance runners who run for survival and recreation, they land on the front of their foot. Apparently injury rates are much lower running like this. So today, I’m sitting on a Regina park bench, and this old guy, maybe 70 ish, comes striding past, and guess what? He’s landing his foot falls front of feet first.. hmmmm.

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you to run, do what you want, and I’m not on commission for the book, just sharing – this is a great read!



2 thoughts on “Book Review – Born to Run

  1. Which is one of the reasons why wolves became dogs, because humans were the only creatures that could also run long distances to hunt down game. Now, we’re all fat and lazy, larded down by sugar and chemicals. You excluded.

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