Regina. Rhymes with …

Hi Bloggers,

I’m in Regina, capital city of Saskatchewan. I drove down last night. Had a rough plan to escape from home and get out of the house for a bit. I packed light, put my bike in the back of my car, and took the camera with me too. General idea is to ride around and get some pictures, which of course I plan to share with WP readers.

I got to the hostel last night, and was disappointed to read that the office hours are open ’til 5pm, and after that, there is no checking in. I knocked on the door. I could see people walking by inside. I had a moment of ‘oh-fuck’ what am I going to do now? In a moment of resignation I thought I was going to have to car slum it – I packed a pillow and sleeping bag just in case.

As luck would have it, the door opened and a nice guy from Peru named Victor let me in and checked me into a dorm room. I got a top bunk and this thing is squeaky as shit so every movement let out a metallic squeak which was a bit weird. Some guy came in at about 2 am and took the lower bunk. No problem. I got up this morning, and jogged for a bit along the lake. It was nice and refreshing.

I had a shower and had to paper-towel myself dry because I left my towel in the car and the one they gave me dropped down to bunky’s bed below and I wasn’t about to grab it. Never mind. I bought some food from the grocery store down the road, and I’m about to head out and explore Regina.

 Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.

Hugs to all.

Image result for pinterest regina sk

Image result for pinterest regina sk


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