Heal – daily prompt.

via Daily Prompt: Heal

Heal. Would suggest a kind of repairing, renewing, growing over. Could be physical, could be emotional. Some things take a long time to heal. Some wounds never heal, we carry them like a stubborn injury that we did some years ago.

Do we prevent ourselves from healing? Perhaps reliving the injury, maybe compounding the injury with activities, thoughts, emotions intended to mask and cover up, only to have the wound fester and remain unresolved? Self medicating, alcohol, drugs, other vices? I think maybe none of those things help us heal, they just give a kind of a bandage, that as the new day dawns, with it comes the hangover, the debt, the guilt, the shame of our feeble attempts to cover up our wounds.

Can others heal us? Do others prevent us from healing? Is it ok not to heal some wounds, or are we really selling our selves short? Worse, maybe we are carrying a burden that the injury has inflicted such that we never realise our full potential, or allow the past injury to inflict new damage on current and future relationships.

Sometimes, it takes real courage, vulnerability to face up to the reality that we are hurting. Maybe we have to show tears. Maybe we have to shout to express the bottled up pain and frustration. Maybe it just takes time, maybe we need to reach out and get some help. Maybe we have to open up and tell people how we really feel. Maybe we need to hit the rock bottom of despair, pain, shame, resentment before we are ready to begin our journey. With that expression of honesty maybe, we can begin on our way to healing.

This is a different type of heel. Sounds the same. Is very different.

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