Double Barrelled Erotica. Lisa and Dave.

As per last time, and the previous, my lady friend took the female role, and I took the male role. Fun stuff indeed! Enjoy.

Lisa’s Story

 I had started running in the spring of the year before after a tough breakup with a man I had dated for 5 years left me with a lot of time and a few extra pounds.  I had started slow, and alone; the thought of sitting by myself in my apartment propelling me most mornings out into the predawn light for a few miles of shuffling.  At that time I hadn’t called myself a runner; I hadn’t even told anyone of my new hobby.

 One morning I woke with the impulse to shake it up a bit; and after my jog stopped by the central park coffee shop to check the board for running group invites.  It was full of them.  For the next few months I would pick whatever group fit my schedule, making a few friends along the way.  Time and the pounds melted away.  The rhythm of my life suited me just fine and I grew to enjoy my time alone. 

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 I was sitting on a bench stretching one morning after my run, soaking in the sun and thinking about my day when I saw him for the first time.  He walked with a bounce that was both athletic and charming in a childlike way.  It relayed an excitement to his physical being that was also apparent in the way he gazed around, engaging the people around him through his eyes or with a few words of greeting.  He was captivating to watch. 

 As if by magical command he turned to me and smiled closing the distance between us with a few long strides.  As he stood over me I breathed “Hello.”  I realized I was staring at his mouth; wondering what a kiss would feel like.  I blushed slightly and as he returned the greeting with a warm smile and he asked if he could sit.

 I noticed, when the breeze blew his shorts were pressed against his body and I got a tantalizing peak at the curves of his package. He had an athletic form and I was impressed with his chest and bicep development. Not crazy big – just a very fit looking guy. I was all systems go and all of my senses were locked on to this target. I felt a tingle in my womanly parts.

 We chatted easily for the next few minutes about that mornings run, the new trainer that was leading it, and the upcoming races.  I was very conscious of his body and the way he used his hands to talk.  The light banter only increased my interest; I wanted to learn all about him.  His perspectives were smart and quick witted, and he had a slight accent, New Zealand perhaps, it was hard to tell.

 I felt almost foolish when he got up to leave, I expected him to take me by the hand and walk me home.  I had never presumed that from a man before.. I had always waited for them to make the first move.  But this was more that an expectation; it felt like that was the natural next thing to do. So I was surprised and disappointed when he walked away.  I couldn’t wait for next Saturday, and hoped for a chance to see him again! Damn, I was left feeling extra horny all day.

 Central Park NYC. The Skyblue Skyvacious Skylark lives in a blue park similar to this one.:

 Dave’s Story

 I saw her in the morning sunlight, stretching on a central park bench. The light played on her auburn hair, and when she looked at me she had a slight smile she was trying hard to suppress. She had dimples in her cheeks and was cute as anything. I chatted for a while, and we made small talk.

 I can’t be sure but I think she liked me. She kept running her eyes down over my chest and torso. She had a kind of innocent atmosphere about her but at the same time she seemed to express a kind of hunger of sorts, I couldn’t really put my finger on it.

 When she leaned over tie her shoelace, it noticed the cleavage of her creamy white breasts resting on her knee as she reached for her laces. That’s when I really started to take notice. She had lovely curves, I could make out the curve of her hips and she had these well proportioned legs. She was no Barbie doll, she didn’t have the height, it was more of a well laid out petite package.

 I hope I wasn’t being too obvious in perving at her gorgeous body, I think she might have noticed me checking her out but she didn’t seem too concerned. At several times during the conversation she took her tongue and played with it in the corner of her mouth. It was really turning me on. When I had run out of things to say, I told her I’d be looking out for her, and asked if she wanted to grab a drink some time or take a jog around the park.

 I jogged on for a bit, then stopped. I could not get this woman out of my head. I tentatively returned to the spot where I was talking to her, and I caught her figure walking down the pathway. I couldn’t help myself. I followed at a distance, hoping she did not spot me. The way she walked was intoxicating. Each step was poetry in motion. The way she flicked her hair, and how the little running shorts on showed her awesome arse and legs. She had a kind of a wiggle, more of a rhythm, when she walked that made for some absolutely awesome viewing. I felt like a complete pervert but I could not take my eyes off her.

 When I got home, I took some time to myself. Showered, and laid on the bed, naked. I got into some nice clean sheets and took the time to just relax, my manhood growing to its full potential. I just kept thinking about this gorgeous woman in her little running shorts. I took my cock into my hand and I made slow gentle stokes, thinking about her lips, her legs, her running shorts, that beautiful cleavage. Soon enough I reached that point where I released my load in a wonderful sensation of relief. I can’t wait for my next jogging adventure!




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