Double Barrelled Erotica, Beth and Steve.

As per last time, my lady friend 😉 wrote from the female’s role, and I took the male side of the story. Enjoy!

Beth’s Story

 I had woken extra early to get some writing done before the sunrise yoga class and was feeling relaxed as I shopped for a few items on my way home from a invigorating practice.  The tiny grocery was always fun; although small you could tell the owner took great pleasure in food and you could always find something new to try.

 Lost in thought trying to pick a sauce from the varied choices, my attention was alerted someone behind me.  I turned slightly and saw a tall fit man staring unabashedly at me; his gaze was a bit to familiar and slightly unnerving.   

 After finishing in the store I made my way down the sun dappled sidewalk; the smell of coffee filled my senses!  I had given it up for lent and with the passing of the 40th day the day before I was savoring a hot au lait.   As if a sign from god a coffee shop appeared.

 Sitting waiting for my order, I noticed the man I had seen from the grocery come in.  As he ordered I was able to take in his full form, he was tall and very athletic, and he was wearing clothes that showed his form just right!  It was a bit of wicked fun to watch him order his coffee and move to a table to sit.  As he sat down he looked up unexpectantly and his gaze caught mine.  I felt a charge run though me and although my instinct was to look away; I couldn’t tear my eyes away.  A warmth filled my body and all at once I felt a rush of tension and need.

 New York City's 11 Best Coffee Shops #refinery29

He sat at the table over and I couldn’t help but watch him.  I tried to focus on my magazine, but found myself turning the pages without reading a word.  My senses where hyper focused on the handsome stranger.  I took in the curve of his mouth, his square cut chin with just a little day before stubble, broad shoulders tapering to a V, then full powerful legs encased in tight black lycra.  He was pure eye candy.  All the sudden he got up and strode toward me, I immediately felt guilt and excitement as he passed my table dropping a napkin with his name and number on it!  As I heard the café door jingle open I had to laugh to myself.  I sent a quick text, left some change and made my own exit – tossing his number in the waste bin by the door as I left.

 At home I climbed the stairs to my third floor flat, all the sudden a feeling of excitement washed over me as my cell phone buzzed in response.  As I climbed the stairs I glanced down at the text and giggled to my self as I received a positive response to my earlier text.  As I slipped the key in my door I was shocked to feel a hand on my waist and let out a little gasp of surprise.  I felt a hand over my mouth and I let out a muffled scream. I was in a state of panic and wanted to cry out for help. The man behind me closed his hand over mine to open the door and pushed me inside.  The room was dark as I hadn’t opened the shades before leaving in the early morning darkness and all the sudden I felt the weight of a man pushing me down to the floor.  He had me from behind and I dropped to my knees as he pushed his hips into the small of my back. I could clearly make out the feel of an erection pressing against me.

His hands seemed to be everywhere at once, but instead of felling scared I felt surprisingly aroused. He grabbed at my clothes and I could feel him peeling my yoga tights off but only as far as he needed to expose my butt and pussy. I could feel him grappling with his own clothing and with one hand he drew his waistband down and his cock was freed from the constraint of the clothing. He explored my body with his hands and mouth, seeming to taste every part of me.  

 How to stay motivated with your fitness goals after January with Tanya Poppett:

I should have been on the edge of panic but in fact I was about as horny as I had ever been. He turned me over in one fluid movement and tore my pants off my legs. I was lost in the sensation when I felt a hard push between my legs and his weight on top of me.  He held his hard cock in his hand and seemed to fumble while trying to penetrate me but in a moment he rammed it with enough force to create a minor tearing sensation. He thrusted slow and rhythmically to start but it quickly escalated to a hard fast fuck that led me to the edge and over within a minute.  I let out a moan of deep pleasure and bucked to meet him as he growled a low satisfied reply pumping into me over and over until his muscles relaxed and he fell on top of me. 

 Somewhere in this heady mix of rough force fucking I recognized, this wasn’t the stranger from the café, this was my fucking husband! I made my way to the bed.  I was so turned on I took a few moments to rub my pussy vigorously, all the while imagining it was that hot athlete from the café. I came my brains out, with my husbands stuff inside me and wishing it was the handsome stranger’s. I think I may have dozed off because the next thing I heard was the baby cooing softly..  just waking from her morning nap.  I wrapped my arms around my husband and gently stroked his earlobe til he woke.  I smiled to myself as I thought of the stranger .. if he only knew what he had made led me too!  Thanks goodness for hot strangers!

 Steve’s story

I had just come from my morning jog. I had my full length man tights on and a fitted technical shirt with some overpriced runners. I caught my reflection in some of the shop windows and felt pretty good about the way I was looking. Fit, handsome, late thirties, separated. Pretty much the kind of cougar bait the women of NY tend to hunt. These running tights I had on emphasised the shape of my thighs and butt, and damn, they felt nice to wear. I was listening to some Dire Straights on my run and was feeling pretty good. Just that chill Sunday morning vibe, a little exhausted from the run but I had an inner glow. I went into the tiny grocery store thinking about what I might get for a late breakfast. Maybe some bacon, a bagel? I had eggs in the fridge, maybe I’d do one of my scrambled egg specialties. 

 Jogging around sea wall at Stanley Park...feeling pretty sexy in my new jogging outfit.:

I came around the next isle and that’s when I saw her. There was something about her. She was decked out in Lulu yoga pants and one of those fitted ladies jackets. All her curves were on display. I lingered for a moment over some pasta that I did not need while I checked out the curve of her arse. The Lulu’s were dividing her luscious ripe butt cheeks in the most delicious way. Looking down from her gorgeous butt, her shapely thighs were finely muscled and those gave way to some cute calves just as the yoga pants flared to the heel. Here upper body was also well put together. I could see that she had the shoulders of one of those Crossfit chicks. I couldn’t see her front side but I got a pretty good idea from the rear that this was one hot woman. 

 While I was staring she pivoted on her heel and took a new position with her butt sticking out into the isle and one foot with heel on ground and hands pressed on that knee. I now had a side view of her. I quickly looked away just as she ran her hand through her hair over her ear. You can tell when women are seen being looked at and they always play to the viewer. I felt a little tingle in my cock and I could feel my morning erection being invited back. I made my way down the isle and took my time browsing at shit that I didn’t really need. I could see that she was also ‘working it’ and moving her body in various positions while she read labels on products from different shelves. She glanced over with a kind of smirk and I suddenly felt kind of shy. I was feeling very, very horny.

 She finished her shopping and headed to the checkout. I was about ready to burst and for a moment I thought about going into the rest room and rubbing one out while her memory was still fresh in my mind. Soon after I finished my shopping and went to the checkout, my mind still lingering on her gorgeous form. I left the store and with a spring in my step, and a slightly larger bulge in my tights I took off down the street. I was going past my favourite café when I noticed her through the window, she had taken one of the tables inside and was waiting for a coffee. I thought this was a good chance and I stopped, turned and walked inside.

The door had one of those bells on it and this got her attention as I opened it. I walked over to the counter to order a coffee. I now had my back to her and I could imagine her running her eyes up and down my body – they way women do and they rarely get caught. When done with my order I took a table in the corner. I had a full view to the lovely lady. She was sitting facing not directly to me but more towards the outside street. I was looking at the way she had her legs crossed such that I could see one thigh draped over another, and had a tantalizing view of her inner thigh leading up to her butt.

She ran a hand over her leg and that hand then slid upwards on the outside of her thigh towards her butt. I could tell that she was charged with the same excitement as I was. She ran her hand through her hair and tilted her head slightly to show me her neck. For the next fifteen minutes I continued to glance over at regular intervals while she crossed and uncrossed her legs. I could almost smell her delicate aroma, and feel the soft firmness of her body. I took a piece of paper from the café desk and wrote my name and cell number and dropped it on her table, and walked out.

I went to my loft, and threw the groceries on the table and sat on the lounge. I was so horny I was shaking like in a testosterone buzz. I took my cock out from my tights and stroked it, slowly at first then with more pace and vigour as I imagined what I could be doing with that hottie. After a short time of furious stroking I let out a cry of ‘ooohhhhgggghhhh’ and released a load of hot cream into a waiting tissue. Jesus, that was hot.





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