My Meditation, and the Truly Profound Human Experience

Tuesday Tip - Be still The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.  #tuesdaytip #quote:

Hi Bloggers. I wanted to share a truly profound human experience I had this weekend. It was while I was staying with my good American Friends J Bird and J Dog. Two of the kindest hearts on the planet without a doubt.

We all went to the Y together, and did a pretty decent work out. I kicked J Bird’s arse in boot camp warm up, but don’t worry, this woman knows how to work it on the weights floor so she can hold her own there. After the boot camp warm up it was on to a bicep/tricep yady ya kind of workout and it was pretty good all round. They both work out like demons.


So I wanted to do a group meditation thing with these two. I am used to meditating with J Bird on occasion, and with her I have felt generally calmer and more grounded than with anything before or after really. So we took a seat in a quiet corner and just sat in a tripod position – the three of us equi-spaced.

I guided them through mindful awareness of the space around us, and to their own breathing. It was very calm and relaxed. Soon after the initial guidance, we just sat and were all present, in that time and space. Maybe a 10 minute session or so.

Slowly, gently I felt a welling up of emotion. A very calm slow release. This was not vigorous emotional turmoil, it was the absolute acceptance of where I was in life. I felt a tear run from my right eye, and maybe some more came and soon enough it was running down to my jaw. Soon after my left eye was also crying a gentle tear so I now had two tear streaks down my cheeks. I made no effort to clean up or cover the raw gentle emotions I was feeling.

When I felt ready I opened my eyes, I wept. J Bird held me into her shoulder. She is my mother figure and lover and many things. J Dog  was supportive and put his big bear arms around us and I let out a minor torrent of emotion. It was wonderful. When I had composed a bit, we held each other’s hands each way and just let each other know that we were here for each other. It was a truly profound human experience.



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