Coming Together. An Erotic Memoir

The first time J bird came to stay with us it was an apprehensive and scary time for all of us. There had been plenty of friction in the preceding months since I had come out to T bird that I was seeing another woman. Regardless, there was no denying the mutual attraction that J bird and I felt for each other, and we had expressed our love and lust many times over when we met in various places in North America.

Nude me 4 (2)

J bird is a leggy blonde. Amazing body. Very fit. Incredible wit and charm, absolutely a wonderfully engaging and head turning mature woman. Reeks of confidence, can be a bit hard to handle and certainly falls into the ‘turbulent’ personality type.

T bird is my loyal wife of many years. She’s low on drama (normally), sweet natured, good hearted, petite figured, predictable level headed, and loyal. We have had many years of mostly comfortable and unremarkable relationship times that have been wonderful.

Afternooner 2

We picked up J bird from the airport, I saw her legs first, and said I’d recognise those legs anywhere. We made our way home, and after a little while, we all ended up in the shower. I swear to god I don’t even know exactly how that happened, I mean I was obviously intimate with both of them but this was not some sort of contrived set up, it just happened. The shower was nice and it gave us a chance to get to know each other a bit and settle each others nerves. Hands wandered, and soap was applied, and there was some kissing and hugging and, well it was just very sweet.

Nude me 5 (2)

To be honest I can’t recall that scene turning into some sort of bedroom romp, maybe it did and I suppose I should like be able to recall the first time together in a lot of detail, but the reality is that it was just one interaction of many.

We decided that we were all going to sleep in the same bed. It just made sense. I was in the middle. It was very kind of sweet and innocent to start with. We kind of made out, and things got heated after a bit. They said I was like a 14 year old wishing to get his first feel – kind of nervous and apprehensive. I wanted this bad but I didn’t want to be the bull in the china shop and fuck this up from being too bullish.

Some sensual touching and foreplay was done for a while. Lips placed on various parts, J getting her first taste of a woman, and for me, the chance to feel them and smell them and experience them both in the same place. The two women in the world that I love more than anything, here with me expressing themselves physically.

Initially, my wife wanted me to use a condom, but honestly me and J had been intimate without one for some time. This became readily apparent to T when I was taking her from behind, and J was giving me head at regular intervals. I got to enter T and work her for a while, then J’s hungry mouth would descend over my shaft to pleasure me. Heaven on earth. I felt like I achieved the holy grail when in a moment of unbridled lust I felt the welling up of an orgasm and I pulled out of T and came in J’s mouth, and she dutifully swallowed my stuff.

In other lusty adventures that weekend I was able to enjoy them both at the same time, entering one, then pulling out and working the other, and back and forth, the whole time thinking about the wonderful choice of which one to come inside of. It was a moment of absolute bliss. Sometimes, I came in T, as she was kind of possessive about getting my stuff, but at some point she said, I want you to come in J. So sometimes I did!

At one point, T was lying down and J was straddled over her, they were working each other with their thighs pushed into each others crotches. I was behind J and inside her and my rhythm provided the momentum for their bodies to grind together.  There was a moment when, in an absolutely earth shattering release, we all came, together. I can die a happy man 😉

Afternooner 8 (2)



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