My Wonderfully Imperfect Life

Hi readers, thanks for joining me. So its a new day, full of new opportunities and all that shit. But lets be honest. It’s not perfect, but that’s ok.

So this morning I started my day with a sort of argument with T bird. Mostly to do with her getting the attention that she needs and me being sort of distant/seemingly uninterested and spending my energy elsewhere. No doubt this has been a fairly constant theme, so the discussion gets into raised voices, fuck this and fuck you, and we might as well get divorced if I can’t exercise my ability to be the full me. Quite imperfect but that’s ok.

The dishes are full of dirty plates and cups. Partly because its a weekend and partly because no one wants to be the first to put their hand up to do it, but that’s ok we’ll get it done later.

The back yard is a melted mess of dog shit, ice and snow. Having two dogs crapping for 3 months of sub freezing weather allows a kind of accumulation. Quite imperfect. I’m not too worried about it because the warmer weather and wet conditions allow things to decompose in a natural way, and I promise its not as bad as you imagine. There’s water everywhere. We are in that freeze/thaw time when it goes from water to ice rink and back to water.

Imperfect 1

The garden hose is frozen in the icy water. An interesting effect.

Imperfect 2

So I thought it might be time for a sketch. Its imperfect too, but what the fk? This is sort of how I imagine myself looking with the laptop and morning coffee. Imperfect.

Imperfect sketch

The bananas I photo-blogged yesterday are still green, by the way.

Bananas are still green

But don’t worry, I’m grateful. I have lots to be thankful for. This is a wonderfully imperfect life!



6 thoughts on “My Wonderfully Imperfect Life

  1. Nice thoughts on the imperfection of life. On day at a time, I say, each moment is it’s own, ever to be repeated. I try to enjoy each moment and stay present. It’s a constant practice. Also, I lived in Western New York for decade and I get the frozen backyard thing. The snow hides many things, lol.


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