Musings from a 22nd St Cafe

So today we stopped in at Starbucks, still glowing from the Citizenship ceremony we had just came from. I ordered a medium latte, and some kind of chocolate tart thing. More like a shortbread really. We sat in a long table section and there was this guy who was seated next to us with a kind of iced coffee type of drink.

I said hi and we got chatting. He said his name was Dason (not his real name, to protect his privacy, I changed one letter, if you can work it out you’re as clever as fk). We got chatting and he said he’s worked in Japan as an English teacher and he works with a refugee group locally which is kinda cool.

So I asked him if he likes music, and he says, oh yeah. He says he does a show on a local community radio station (CFCR). I mention that we are in a band and are making a record right now. Dason was really easy to talk to and we ended up exchanging email addresses etc. I’m going to send him one of our tracks just to see what happens. I even told him about this crazy blog I’m writing and I invited him to check it out.

I mentioned a couple of books that I am reading or have read (hint, I have a couple of book reviews in my blog that a are a bit different if you want to check it out 😉   ). He shared a couple of good titles that he was reading and referred us to a guy who plays guitar that hes right into so I will check that out too.

So life’s like that. Sometimes I don’t start conversations for fear of being brushed off or putting people out in some way and sometimes I do start conversations. What I have figured out is there’s a little gem in each one of these types of interactions so I encourage people to open up and reach out and see what happens.

Saskatoon 22nd street starbucks.JPG


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