Instinct – The Daily Prompt

My instinct is to stand up and fight, or maybe to run, or maybe I like the glance I get up that woman’s skirt as she reaches down to pick up her handbag before leaving the café. My instinct is to tell my old school teachers to go fk themselves (only the nasty ones, there were good ones too). My instinct, if I lived on the plains of Africa would be to go choke a small mammal and cook it over the fire, but I don’t live on the plains of Africa, so I mosey on over to the fridge and make a sandwich with ham and cheese and a bit of mayonnaise.

My instinct, is to put my seed into as many women as I can, but sadly, I am not a master of a harem, just  a regular guy so maybe I just have a little moment to myself or sometimes watch some readily available digital high speed smut. But hey that’s just a thought, I don’t need all that, we are talking about instincts here.

My instinct is to tell my partner to shut the fk up when she is whinging or winding on. But I don’t, or maybe I do sometimes, but I never want to hurt her but sometimes I just want space.

But hey – we are talking about instincts, and I am not an uncivilized individual, just a guy with instincts, and options, and control strategies, and anxiety, and joy and all those things that make us human.


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