I AM Canadian

So today is a historic day for me and my family. After more than 8 years in Canada we are finally Canadian Citizens. It feels great! One of the things that I hold dear to me about being Canadian are the rights and freedoms that we are entitled to. In Canada, we are free to worship how we want, free to express thoughts and opinions, and free to associate with whomever we want. I appreciate this very much as not everyone in the world has this kind of freedom.

Thank you Canada, for taking us in and making this home for us.

One of the important aspects of the swearing in ceremony is that you must pledge an oath, of allegiance to the Queen, and to Canada and to respect the law of the land. They take this pretty seriously and they actually watch to make sure people are actually taking the oath. I think this is a good thing.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.




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